Sunday, 2 September 2012

Forward Scout a few weeks ago I got out my watercolours and splashed out a doggie
'Forward Scout'
in memory of Max

it's a painting of my kelpie/heeler dog Max from when I was a sapper in the Army and attached to Engineers in Sydney, Australia.
Max became a bomb dog, or more specifically a MWD - Military Working Dog.
MWDs are dogs that are trained to detect explosive materials and most of the International peace keeping forces engaged in Afghanistan use their own MWDs to clear routes of IEDs and detect caches of weapons. These dogs are invaluable with their work, and save many, many lives.

I used my old photos to get Max's markings.
He was a very handsome, muscular, energetic dog.
And because Max came from Aussie working dog stock, he was not lazy in the slightest, unlike the alsatians that the Engineers were currently using. They were impressed with him and I heard that he was a very good worker.

The other month I was catching up with some news and I came across the RAE Foundation that helps soldiers, specifically Engineers, and they were having an art auction to raise funds, so I thought I would offer a couple pieces, hence my painting of Max.

It's rather like an illustration, with an inked Royal Australian Engineers Corps badge in the top left, and a very simple scene of Max detecting something under the rubble.

If you'd like to see the pic in more detail, just click on the images above.

and I've put this small pic in as well.
It's of the Scots Greys statue that stands on Princess Street, Edinburgh, and behind is the imposing breath taking Edinburgh Castle!
Every time I go to town, 10 minutes up the road from here, I see this beautiful sight.

The Royal Scots Greys was the regiment that charged at Waterloo

I thought I would put in the 2 rough sketches also, and it could perhaps be displayed as a triptych?
Sometimes evidence of the process is as interesting as the finished piece.

Max was just a tiny fat ball of a puppy when I got him, way, way back in 1990!!
He grew up side by side with my new baby house rabbit Burns. One day he was sick in the car, and I had to clean up a stomach full of chewed grass and carrot!!
Burns was smaller, but she was the leader!
As you can see in the photos above - Max is fawning over Burns as she jumps up onto the couch to see what he is doing (one could not participate in something without the other racing over to see what was going on... siblings.... :)
and outside in my 'garden' (heh heh that's a fancy term eh? I really meant to say 'backyard') you can see Burns about to chase Max across the mud! (I would have said grass, but you would have known I was lying).
Burns ruled the house and Max deferred to her all the time.

when I was visiting the RAE Foundation I came across this photo, and all I could think about was Max! and my heart melted!
and then I thought maybe they may like one of my paintings perhaps, to help the soldiers and the doggies?
It will be nice to send my paintings to Australia, so I am hoping that someone at the auction likes them.
This little kelpie/heeler cross has just come back from a tour of duty, probably Afghanistan?

good grief, dog this.... dog that... yap yap yap!!!
how 'bout getting me more greens and carrots here then? I'm nearly out...
and I ain't coming in your car nowhere so your seats are safe (some dogs eh? wasteful!)


  1. Lovely pictures of a great dog! Love the pics of Max and Burns, too--sounds like the makings of a great adventure/friendship story.

    Hugs and smooches to Wesley--I'm sure your mum made sure you were fed once she was done painting, sweetie. You're too cute to be neglected for long. :)

  2. Max and Burns looked like a couple of pretty great fur kids. Give Wesley some love from me and a treat too!

    Bless the working dogs. They have sacrificed much and I know they will appreciate your lovely rendition of Max.

  3. great job, Annette ! The painting turned out beautifully !!

  4. That would make a wonderful childrens' book, complete with your great artwork. Maybe even some plushies like your hares?


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