Tuesday, 25 September 2012

child labour!

how young is too young?


'course not! snaps Wesley - just get rubbin' ....

and so my darling little niece princess Catriona,
age 5 and 3/4
obeys the demands of the small white furry king and proceeds to stroke and rub and caress and ....

... caress and rub and stroke and .....

Baby Squirrel Pippa hears Wesley purring ...

Pippa came in late for tea one day, all dishevelled and slightly distracted. Mama looked her over then asked her quietly how playtime was. Pippa said she had had fun, as she rubbed her little paws vigourously and pulled at her tail. Then mama asked her what the matter was and Pippa pursed her tiny lips and whispered 'nothing'.
Well, as all mamas know, when an offspring says that 'nothing; is wrong, what it really means is that something is definitely wrong!
So over the next couple of hours mama managed to gently extract the days events from her taciturn daughter, and my goodness, was she not shocked!
It turned out that Pippa decided to take a short cut home and instead of traversing the branches of the trees like she normally did, she had instead scrabbled her way up one of the forbidden branchless trees and just managed by pure determination to nimbly jiggle herself along the taught metal wire to the end.
And at the end, just as she as about to get purchase on the pole top with one of ger toes, she had been thrown off, high into the air, to land on the soft grasses below.
She had been terrified but the exhilaration of the experience made her do it again, and again and again.
Hence her slightly singed and tufty fur, her now unkempt tail, her tingling extremities and her rear paws with a few melted nails.
Mama immediately scolded her, there and then, and banned her from playtime after school for a whole full moon, and said that some things are just so dangerous that when they are forbidden, they are absolutely forbidden.
Well, Pippa was very upset. More upset about mama's anger than about the tiny electric shocks she had received, and she promised to never ever climb a branchless tree again.
Mama took her straight to the library and pulled out all the books on electricity and together they read thru the scary and shocking facts about telegraph poles and electrical conduct.
Pippa grew pale and wondered why something so incredibly fun could be so dangerous. Then she noticed one of her claws lying on the book's page, it must have just come off, and she brushed it aside before mama saw it and went on and on again.
Pippa had learned her lesson, but she was determined to try and do something about those wire bits at the tops of the pole, because that really was the problem. It sure had been fun to cling to the wire as she deftly made her way across, but the electric shock bit at the end needed fine tuning, she thought to herself.
And she resolved to find a solution so that all squirrels would be able to play on these branchless trees and have fun without being thrown off and up into the air.
Or at least not thrown off so fast and so high. Hmmm, she murmured to herself, as she avidly turned the page.
Pippa is looking forward to snuggling on your armchair by the French windows. She's love lots of very soft smooth cushions so that none of her claws get caught on them, and fall off.
She's lost a few claws since that day, though they have managed to grow back in but not as pretty or as perfect as they once were.
And she would love the window left open a little too as she will be having tea with mama and spending more time in the library doing research.
You are welcome to come along with her to the library. Oh, okay, you can come to mamas for tea too, but don't eat all the scones at once, you are rather large and the scones are tiny, so goodness knows how many of them it will take to fill you up.
Infact how about you bake a few and bring them along? Mama would appreciate that, and on the way there Pippa will show you the branchless tree and the wire.
Just remember though, no playing on it, it's very dangerous and you'd be lucky to survive with your nail intact, not to mention your hair or eyelashes. 

and the auction for the soldiers was a great success! - see the post below this one for details about the paintings I donated

and this tryptich is off to Australia! yay!  
(the painting of Max will be in next years auction)

(and next post I shall reveal what my latest products for my etsy shop are - hint, hint - backseat drivers)

oh for god's sake aunty Annette, my arm is nearly falling off!!

Hey! little cousin you just keep rubbin' I never said nuffin 'bout restin' - cripes, so young, so full of beans and just not wantin' to work! where's the good labour these days??!


  1. lovely to see Catriona and Wesley making friends like that!

  2. HAH! Never too early or too young to learn how to be a proper slave to the lagomorphs! Train her up well, Wesley, and she will make a fine addition to the ranks! Remember, don't be too soft on her just because she is cute.

  3. yes, they are good friends! Wes is always happy to see Catriona :)

    well Brandi, cuteness goes far :)

  4. What a sweet little pair Catriona and Wesley make! Lovely name for a lovely little girl.

  5. Careful now. She'll be demanding a salary if you push her any harder Wes!

    Having said that, my 14 month old is a dab hand with a broom now and seems to like sweeping discarded bunny hay... and I'm not going to stand in his way, it's one less thing for me to do! Ha ha ha


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