Thursday, 8 November 2012

all LOVEd up

my little mister took a deep nap the other morning

just after breakfast

all full up

and was out for the count for at least half an hour

new baby hare Sleet wants to know what the unusual spots are on the carpet - but I told him that we don't talk about them in this house
(sometimes Wes misses the kitty litter, or can't make it there in time, or decides to throw a tantrum)

so I have my priorities sorted

Love first - everything else - after   :)


  1. *SQUEE*! Just want to squeeze that snuggy bun! They just look so precious when they're sleeping, don't they?

    Spots on carpet (or on floor) must never be mentioned, just discreetly cleaned up whenever possible (although sometimes it's not possible right away...)

  2. indeed they do Jade :)
    my heart melted when I felt something soft on my foot (as I was working by the sink) and when I looked down I saw my lil mister, suddenly fast asleep on my foot, moving in his sleep! so I grabbed the camera pronto!

    yeah, spots on carpets .... solution - selective sight :)

  3. Love those sleeping bunnies! So hard to keep from trying to hug them when they are asleep.

    uh, what spots?

  4. I want to lay my cheek on Wesley's. Sleek is gorgeous. I just tell people the carpet came that way.

  5. so lucky to catch him this way! great photo x

  6. ha ha Christina! why did I not think of that :) shall be saying that from now on!

    yes, it was 'one of those moments' Lisa!


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