Friday, 23 November 2012

a walk in the park

it's always nice to take a walk in the park with your doggie
stretch your legs, breathe that fresh air, listen to the birdsong .....

unless your doggie's called Fenton and doesn't give a  sh*!@ to what you say :)

great ad from Orange, 3EE 4GG or 3DD or whatever dude..... so much rebranding, so much progress  (good idea to include the dinosaur eh?)


  1. These people have a great Ad agency... have you seen their Kevin Bacon one? Brilliant!

  2. I have indeed, they are very good!

  3. Fenton! Fenton! Jesus Christ, FENTON!

    Heeheehee...I don't think Fenton "herd" a word... ;)


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