Saturday, 4 May 2013

"a crown for the King" said the kittens

I've made a few hare brooches now and really enjoy creating them

like all my beasties, they 'become' themselves as I stuff and adorn and smile at them

and so...

my latest became a king!

hey! what's this rubbish? I'm the King in this kingdom!
"I banish you, small and insignificant scatty little piece of nothingness to the dungeons.... Be Gone!"

uh! okay then.... Wesley has spoken...

anyway, to accompany the King at court is the dandy

these gorgeous statement brooches are not for paupers or shrinking violets

they are for brave and confident and proud beings, 

such as, er, kings and dandys...

and so I introduce to you the first of my Man Brooches!! yaaay (big cheer)

(not that I would ever call a man a dandy to his face)
(except the dandiest of dandys - Rupert Everett, who was ever so amazing in My Best Friends Wedding, with that not-quite-a-dandy hot dude Dermot Mulroney *sigh* *drool*)

yeah, yeah, drool on the - what! there's 2 of them!!? 
- hey! I thought I banished it, em, them to the....

oh Wesley, you little sweetheart! stop having kittens :)

isn't that the nicest of sayings? instead of saying 'stop going off your head' or 'get a grip' or 'face it' or all manner of other slightly derogatory and un-nice words strung together

kittens are so sweet, and tiny and helpless and cute and omg! and..

- so I made some of thems :)

a handful of kittens, just opened their eyes

(for those of you who don't know, and are about to say 'but they are baby rabbits' - well, baby rabbits are actually called kittens)

so don't go having kittens over my facetiousness - here's a 'real' one if you so wish :)

with a littly ribbon tail adorned with a tinkly bell, aaaw adorable!

and a cute lil' rabbity kitten, aaaaw adorable!

all happily waiting in my etsy shop for their new spring homes,
along with the, er, king and dandy!

...ooops, I have to go, the white furry King is calling the slave


  1. what lovely rabbity kittens and brooches!

  2. thank you Juliet! shall have to call on the services of a another gym friend to model my 'Man brooches'!

  3. *squee*! Adorable kits!

    Mr. Mick stands by his pal Wesley; he says a bun needs to make sure we "foo' humans" and any other critters know just who is in charge in the household.

  4. heh heh, indeed!! (Wes the King here :)

  5. At least he didn't yell "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS"...

  6. ha ha Christina! (perhaps they are already sort of 'off') :/


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