Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sexy Hot stuff! - a man's touch at The Leverets Nest

I go to my local cinema, Cineworld, every Orange Wednesday with my mum to catch the latest flick and I always enjoy the pre-movie trailers and the ads.

Lately it's been the new Diet Coke ad, with some lean dude mowing the lawn who gets wet and has to take his shirt off and ... you all know the story I'm sure...

and so I thought to myself - 

if coke-a-cola use sex to sell their brown sugary drinks, surely I can use a lil' bit of hot stuff to sell my hares huh?!

Well, I happen to workout 6 days a week in an excellent free weight gym with serious athletes and they spot for me when I am benching 60+kgs, or decline pressing 70kgs, and give me the best advice ever on my deadlifts, which were an easy 13 reps on 80kg last time (will be 90kg next week for sure)

anyway, you get the picture - they are all super nice to me

and so, one of the super-nicest ones kindly said yes to me, he would hold my hares and humour me, as I took snaps to spice up my etsy shop a bit :)

Baby hare Adair was so excited! 
his blue coat perfectly matched the rack and he was held as gently and tenderly as a newborn

and Baby hare Fergus was thrilled at being in the gym because his eyes are the colour of the walls and he wanted to meet my friends too, 
(he was about to win the arm wrestle but I missed the shot)

plus, Fergus' coat is slightly tatty with threads fraying as it was once the lining of a jacket, and the gym is also a bit careworn with it's chips and dents and all that - and Ferg loved that - and me too!

Adair and Ferg had a few words about who was the strongest baby, as they eyed the impressive arms they were held in
slightly leaner Ferg said appearances had nothing to do with it, just look at Annette, scrawny but strong,
more robust Adair said - well, big weights means big muscles - just look at our new friend here

Baby hare Fighter was more than pleased because his dinosaur filled coat matched the cam pants and boots of his new pal, as they discussed the tastiest protein intake

Fighter said that he had only tried the occasional ear wig and ant that had crossed his path, after all he was a hare and hares are meant to be vegetarian
mind you, the ant was tasty he said, but he's not told anyone yet....

Mother hare Vortexa, on the left, and Mother hare Matrexa were so delighted to see inside my gym, 
and em, to be pressed tight against the chest of their special new friend
(the bench had some drool on it afterwards, so I made them wipe it up, as that's only gym protocol...)

Matrexa oohed at the huge weights, then spotted the mirror and started to groom her coat

but then her eye caught sight of the amazing tattoo on her new friends arm, and my, my she sure had some compliments to give him, 
because, she went on, did he know that her coat is from an upcycled tea towel that came from the Northern Territory in Australia where Annette grew up? and it's of an Aboriginal painting of a crocodile
very beautiful he said, and well - did you know that mine comes from the New Zealand Maori warriors?
oooooh sighed Matrexa, purring with delight

well what about my beautiful coat too, barked Vortexa, 
and she was about to make a big scene 
when she too received many flattering compliments about her markings and had her fur stroked attentively
much purring followed
(Vortexa is a gift for a very lovely lady in Texas, so won't be going into my etsy shop)

then finally when my new model's hand had nearly fallen off with all the patting and the hares were content 
I gave him the tiniest hare of the day - 

now you see me!

now you don't!

ha ha, isn't that the best ever hide-n-seek!

this is my Drive Safe with Baby Hare and the little hare was so happy to meet someone who shares the same great taste in fabrics!

and for such a tiny hare she kept a good conversation and wanted to know all about his wheels, what was the harepower, did it have mags, what was its zero to 60 and did it have ......
horsepower he corrected her, 
oh, blinked the tiny hare, pretending not to hear .....

then it was time for the ring wearing man to brush up on the rules of marriage with my postcard set
namely the postcard about giving during games time (perhaps it can be applied to monopoly or various card games, though personally, when playing those type of games I take no prisoners :)
'remember marriage is a game that must be played on a 50/50 basis - give and take - bear and forbear'

but ofcourse, tough men already know the roolz :) and have nothing to prove

so it was onto my Grey Hare Card next.
ready to ship and with an assortment of grey hares on the front, celebrating another year of your life, as you add yet another grey hair to your head....
and not necessarily another candle to an ever increasing cake circumference....

you must be joking Annette! - this is what you do outside the gym - cutting out hares for a living?
and I thought you had a serious job.....

... right, thank god that's over!
I'm thirsty after all that gym-bunny stuff
got anything for me to drink?

- and remember - real men drink real coke!

ha ha :)
thanks SO much to my awesome model!!!
yay - he's the best :)
and so much better than the diet coke dude


  1. *wolf-whistles*

    Somebunny had way too much fun with this, and it wasn't just the hares. ;)

  2. ha ha! a great day was had by all Jade :)

  3. Great post! In so many ways....


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