Sunday, 25 August 2013

a guest for breakfast...

a couple weeks ago Wesley and I had a VIP over for breakfast 

no, not Kim Basinger's daughter -

but my beautiful niece, age 6 and 1/2, from Norway

enjoying a cup of tea and....

what the !*@ - are those my carrots?!

oh, okay then, if the small human must eat some of my carrots for her morning sustenance, then I suppose I can spare a couple...

...just a couple, mind, just a couple..

hmmmph! I can see more than a couple in that swan!

and last time this little person visited she was busy stroking me
yeah, busy workin'
workin' - not lazin'
what's got into the good child labour these days?

sorry Wesley, what can I say? small humans, like small rabbits, can be very persistant when they want something :)

and em, yes, that IS a sweet in her hands - after the carrots, and a slice of lemon cake, she then had at least 10 sweets for breakfast with her cup of tea

...what can I say? 

I'm a real good auntie! :)


  1. Mr. Mick says small humans can be trained very easily to be perfectly good slaves. He himself recently managed to teach three small ones how to feed him hay cookies and almost taught them to let him out for a run until one of the larger humans intervened. (He says large humans are such spoilsports like that.)

  2. I'm still laughing over what Jade wrote. Too funny!

    What a beautiful niece and what a fabulous auntie. ;)


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