Monday, 9 September 2013

good form = strong Deadlifting

I've been deadlifting for over 4 months now

not the, em, Terminator way though :)

and I can lift 2 reps on 90kgs no probs. Will be 95kg any day now, then soon 100kg...

I am fortunate to be under the careful guidance of one of the super nicest boys in the gym. He keeps me right when my form goes to hell, and I get a little eager with the poundage.

Deadlifting is totally addictive! 

and if you spend any time in the gym lifting free weights, and like to go heavy, then you will be in love with deadlifting for sure.

before Arnold took up bodybuilding, he did power lifting, and deadlifts are a staple of powerlifters.
They build strength and tremendous muscle mass and are a real boost in your weight training programme.

This article here - Deadlift 101 - from Arnold's website, explains all about the correct form to use.

However, reading about 'terms' is one thing and applying them in the gym is another. It's always good to have someone watch over you. In most cases it is essential to building and maintaing good form.

The things that have stood out for me the most so far in my short time of lifting is to -
- always lock my arms out on the bar 
- keep my tush down
- use my hams and glutes to start the lift - and to feel the energy drive down thru my heels into the floor - this really is a mind/feeling game, and I make sure to do this every time cos I wasn't doing it before, and I see and feel the difference now

lifting is such a cerebral activity - it all starts in your mind, and I like to quiet my mind before every big lift

but, as you know, I'm not a big girl - still just as svelte and tiny as before, though my curves are from muscles, and as much as I love to lift as heavy as humanly possible there is no way that I will ever be more than the wisp I already am (see above.... :)
(my muscles are earned thru blood, sweat and tears, and no, I have no idea how big my biceps are :)

and whilst I might drool over my hero Arnold
in his tight white singlet
I am not the type of girl to want to look like a man - I merely want to be as strong as one (heh heh)

after all, what's the point of pushing yourself to the limit if you can't have a little bit of competition, a little bit of fun? even if you don't tell anyone

~ my baby hares have fun all the time, and yes, they are competitive too, like all babies

though they are not really into gyms (yet)
they are competitive over their toys, and playing games and birthday presents and .....

talking of birthdays - a couple of the boys in the gym just had birthdays so I rustled up a grey hare card for each of them, and baked some cookies!

ofcourse the cookies were in the shapes of Hearts, Reindeers and Rabbits - my 3 most favourite things
(they tasted rather like cardboard and weren't 'man-size' ones - may have to do something about that next time! (- the size, not the taste!))

anyway, it's coming to the end of summer, the weather has been rather nice, amid a few showers 

and unlike Arnold's bike, mine has a thick coating of dust on it. (about 6 years of dust to be precise) 
I much prefer to run though the last couple of days me and my asics have been soaked thru in brief showers out on the running track as I get my kms in

what's all this activity going on around here?
keep the noise down eh? 
I'm enjoying the last of the summer ....the summer, em, .....

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