Saturday, 21 December 2013

an Arrow to my Heart

my mum saw a neat ad on the TV the other night (I don't have a TV), so I youtubed it, 
and yeah, 
it's pretty neat!

a real gorgeous Eros
shootin' arrows to my heart

which reminded me of one of my most fav movies ever

The House of Flying Daggers

where the handsome hero is pretty darn nifty with those sharp messengers of love 

and daggers  

and sexy hot looks


it's also one of the most cinematographically beautiful movies ever, and I really appreciate sublime beautiful movies that transport you to a different world

the Chinese are real good at that

and some of the most beautiful movies ever are Chinese
ethereal, romantic, breathtaking 

so here is that Eastern version of Eros again..

I had googled 'arrow to my heart' 

and you know what? a cowboy turned up!

it's a pic from a book review, Shine Not Burn, and that sentence was in there somewhere, buried under all that, eh, prairie and muscle...

(note to self: put that book on my read list, looks like just the thing for these dark winter nights)

whew! it's the middle of winter and it's feelin' pretty hot right now, someone must have turned the heat up :)

yeah, lots of nice things to appreciate

here's some Norwegian/Swedish fun with modern day professional cowboys
(got this from Twitter)

Twitter is totally fascinating actually. The stuff you read on there, the stuff you come across, real entertaining. A small world all in itself.    #totallyloveitshashtagstoo    #somuchfun    #youcantmakeahashofahashtagsogoannoworryeh
...(rmy#s2long?)    #whogivesaF!*%
I don't post much on twitter, just my occasional blog update, and pics I adore and want on my front page. Always nice to scroll down to look at them. 
And I use my favourites to heart all those pics that I really love. That is a good facility on twitter for sure. Kinda like the Hearting on etsy. And Pinterest, only it's on twitter.
Hearting is good. 

anyway, enough cheeping on,
here is another modern day cowboy with a modern day bow and arrow
alrighty then, - a professional Norwegian soldier in Afghanistan

these troops work hard out there that's for sure

this is real action
taken by British Army photographer Rupert Frere 

okay back to the God of Love and the arrows of love 

here is Eros today - all snow-globed up at Piccadilly! 

apparently the statue has been the centre of (unwanted) attention over the decades and this is the time of year when he needs protection most (who knew?!)
yeah, they always go for the arrow!

so now his arrows will have to break thru the glass first before reaching your heart

small price to pay for some love eh?

at least he will be keeping warm this winter. Maybe he'd like a copy of Shine not Burn?

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