Tuesday, 2 September 2014

getting high

a while back I was searching for a nice pic to use for one of my posts, as it's always nice to spice things up a bit and turn up the heat,

and then later I came across this pic *gasp*

my, my, it was too good not to use!

so I filed it away for future use 
(yeah, it's already made an appearance on my blog but you'd have to wade thru rabbits, muscle and soldiers to find it!) 

anyway, time for a second appearance

I've been reading quite a few eBooks lately
I came across this blog on Romance books, Maryse's Book Blog, and her recommendations of modern day Mills and Boon romance for the em, modern woman of today.

And I was rather captivated by her enthusiasm for all this romance stuff
cause the last time I read a romance novel, was way too long ago to remember! 
(and no, I don't kiss and tell)

Though I do remember specifically what it was about because I think it was the only romance book I had ever read, as my main fodder is WWII sea stories, espionage and war stuff like that, and I'd never picked up a book with pink or hearts or nearly naked men on the cover.

It was about forbidden love, she was an American homesteader, and he was a North American Indian - you know the type, sun bronzed, muscly, feathers tied around his bicep with some leather strips, and his name was Hawk...

anyway, after seeing Maryse's list I made my way to Amazon and perused a few - you know how on Amazon you can 'look inside the book' and read the first couple chapters for free...?

well, well, well, I read quite a few of those romance books that way!
it's like being in a candy store, looking at all the jars, and not being allowed to try anything :)

I must say I was rather taken by this modern day romance stuff

and so I searched for some more, 
and came across some very appealing covers and some very nice romance boy pics and then I came across this very pleasing one above

and my heart missed a few beats!

he's very easy on the eye isn't he?

and here he is by another body of water this time

with his same shirtless body :)

and he's got a name infact, unlike that soldier above (if you know who that one is you gotta let me know! ha ha ha) 

this one's William Levy
and he's a Cuban American - mmm very very niiiice!

and there was just something about that pic that seemed so familiar, then I remembered - he reminded me of my first crush Clint Eastwood!
yeah, when I was tiny and before I came across Arnold (Schwarzenegger - who else?!) I was smitten with Clint

and who could not be smitten with someone as handsome as this cowboy eh?

now that is romance!

I watched every single movie he'd been in
and now, he's still one of my heroes, and my most favourite ever director (along with Ben Affleck - he's an ace director too)





- scintillating combinations for taking you to great heights of em.... fantasy ....

(omg! William in both a cowboy hat and cams, goodness me! what's the world coming too?!)

so um, like I was saying, I'd read an intro then bookmark the book for future

I do love paper books the most, and I'd only ever read a couple books online before in pdf, and I'd never ever read a kindle book ever...

...until I read the intro to this book -

Heights of Desire by Mara White

and for the first time in my life I purchased the book on the spot - I had to know what was coming next, I just had to!
I just couldn't wait to buy a paper book, or win a free one, or borrow a well read one, I had to buy my own one straight away, on the spot, pronto! ha ha ha!

I will definitely buy a paper version for my bookcase for sure, I love it so much
and I am on my second reading of it on my kindle

click on the cover pic above and read the blurb on the cover - it's absolutely perfect in every way!
if any book were to captivate me by it's blurb (what's that stuff called anyway? that blurb stuff?) anyway, the blurb is perfect in every way!

I am one of those easy to please folks who judge all books by their covers
yup, if the cover looks good, then I reckon the read will be too
and in most cases I am pretty satisfied (well, until this foray into romance I have always been excited to read a book about a battlecruiser and a commando with steel grey eyes staring up at the lancasters overhead) so yeah, I am pretty easy to satisfy

now though, I judge books by their muscle density, 6 packs and how low the denims ride... ha ha! :)

so did you read the cover blurb first then the intro on Amazon to Heights of Desire?

      I reckon you should, 

                                                    this very minute 

- and then spend a couple minutes appreciating these 'boys' playing in the playground - ha ha, and you will know exactly what I mean  :)

(by the way, that one on the right is a vegan boy, not bad eh!)

this is Mara White's first book ever

and goodness me, she is an exceptional writer! 

I could not put the book down, I was captivated from the outset and the story just read itself to me
it was by far the most riveting and enthralling book I have ever read
as in like ever!
and the romance - well, it was pure electricity!
in today's world - the romance is oh-so erotic!
and if you wanna get high on romance, on desire, on passion and real heart - pick up a copy and ...enjoy

Mara's second book, Fear of Heights, will be coming out very soon and I will be getting myself a copy right away, ha ha!
can't wait!

hmmm, I have come across so many nice surprising things!

here's another pic of William

did you know that he is a well-known actor? and speaks Spanish?

this is his latest movie, will be out in a month's time

it's from a novel by Zane, I've not read inside the book on Amazon yet, but will do soon..

my local cinema usually only plays the big, huge Hollywood movies so I may have to get the dvd of this one,

but you never know - it may turn up
out of the blue
and surprise me

and being the visually inspired person that I am, I like to judge a movie by it's poster - and - trailer

usually, if the trailer is cut just right, it can make or break the movie

Arnie talks all about this is his autobiography Total Recall, and how the trailer really does sell the movie, irrespective of what the movie is really like

I totally love well put together trailers - they are like the covers on books! 
I love being at the flicks watching clever trailers, being excited about what's coming
and I'm pretty cool about the movie itself if the trailer excites me. To be pleased by the trailer is a delight in itself and I'm happy to enjoy it

besides, that poster above is very intriguing -
reality / fantasy - both look enticing eh?
both look kinda addictive

anyway, philosophical bul*@!#t aside, I know I will enjoy this movie - it has handsome men in it, with em, their shirts off.....

and here's another scene from it

looks like big time romance to me!

mmmhmm  I'll have one of those thank you :)

last year his other movie came out, but it never made it to my cinema even though I saw the poster there, and studied it for a while, on the wall, 
so it's now on my dvd wishlist - Single Mom's Club

it looks gooooood - looks like alot of fun! 

and he has his shirt off in that one too (just as well eh!) (*drool*)

well, I think I'm all romanced-out
nah! only joking - I'm never romanced-out!

and it's never time to come down from flying high around those heart shaped clouds
but it is late 
and I'd better be getting some kip eye soon and besides
I have dreams to dream

I shall be dreaming about my home and my large swimming pool

I would need a pool boy 
to keep it clean and in perfect working order

and I will be dreaming about my large garden 

I would need a garden boy 
to pick up the leaves and water the clover
(yes, I'm planning on having a little long eared pal to nibble on that clover, very, very soon...)

unless ofcourse I dream about being a hawk flying high....

yeah, I am still dreaming most nights of Wesley and Arabella! *sigh* :)

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