Thursday, 3 December 2015

winter's tales

same old, same old
I've been busy busy busy
and now, suddenly I see it's December! and still I have a basket full of un-made-up hares
tut tut

I have been away with work
but i did manage to bring some snow back with me

got some beautiful xmas cards for my family, and treated myself to another beautiful drinking vessel
(that gorgeous glass jar from Italy is now having a rest!) and the winter horses are bringing me tea every few hours

and like those horses above, I am out doing what I love in all weathers (after my back/biceps/ab session first though!)

- Tabbing! 

um, tonight in the pitch dark it was lashing down with ice-cold rain, which then turned to sleet and by the time I finished my tab with my mate, there was snow!
to say it was freezing was an understatement
my trousers were soaked thru, my legs were completely numb but my feet were still warm

and - I was Happy!

I love my training so very much!
free weights ~ tabbing ~ running
and I am so happy following my heart, doing what I love every day

every day my life is filled with Joy and Love
(such a beautiful poster! it's in Starbucks at Edinburgh airport)
I always do things that make me happy

and I have an exciting film to go see soon, with a real honey in it! Chris Hemsworth *sigh*

The Huntsman Winter's War 

looks like a good tale ?

talking about things that make me happy, and that I love - I was watching a clip online about the soldiers of 23 Parachute Engineer Regiment and had to take this screen pic

omg!! those eyes are mesmerizing!  *I fell in love right away*

so beautiful!
~he's the One~ 

and it will be nice if he brings along my favourite flowers
...just saying

(if he turns up in his MTP I will be even more pleased:)

and here's some more nice stuff to admire -real Scots this time - the soldiers from 2 Scots currently in Afghan on deployment, (unlike Chris who is an Aussie playing a Scot in that movie!)....
(oh okay, there are Aussies in that clip too! I'm an Aussie as well, so fair play mate;)

Doing It BetterThe Jocks and Aussies at Camp Qargha, Afghanistan showing you how it's done. Please LIKE and SHARE if you think we DO IT BETTER!
Posted by 2 SCOTS - The Royal Highland Fusiliers on Sunday, November 15, 2015

the other week I went to a night-show light-show with my papa and his bestie, at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh
to see more of my favourite flowers
um, the fir trees were doing well
it was so freezing cold! there was snow in the air, but unlike tonight it didn't fall
thank goodness! though, me being me and a typical Scot, I had forgotten my gloves and hat and was dressed for a late summer's day

in between shivering I took some snaps
some displays were small and beautiful

this was a water fountain with fire flames at the same time
papa and I were wondering about the mechanics of it all, and the fuels involved, no oily residues were visible on the tiny loch so it must've been a fast evaporating flammable liquid...

(I would've liked a bigger fire to warm me up!)

and some of the light displays were very grand

a little while later I saw another light show

I visited the kelpies at night - em, well it was about 4pm, and you can just see the snow covered mountains in the background as the dusk set in

it's the first time I've seen these horses lit up, and they were very impressive
here they are dancing
oh okay, it was freezing cold - so it may have been my hands shaking instead!

and like all things illuminated, they changed colour as their mood dictated

erm, what's with the eery green eye? looks like it's rising from the sea

a little while before all that light show stuff, I was touching down down South

yeah - this is the plane's wheel on the landing strip
pretty neat pic eh
I am sure I had my phone set on the right settings to be able to take that pic safely (for the pilot and touch-down), but it's still a conundrum to me and every day I learn more about this mysterious little piece of communication equipment

I was away working, in the South of England, and goodness me - it was at least 10degrees warmer than in Scotland! 14degree days - T shirt weather!
it truly is a different world down there
and after 2 weeks I was actually really missing the Scottish accents, though I did talk to one boy from Glasgow and I smiled non-stop as I listened to his beautiful lilt!

it was nice to fly home though 
I've been getting some nice pics with my wee smart phone
and took this sunrise one last week as I was driving my papa to the airport
(he was off to colder fields! (Norway to be precise))
so it was good to see the Scottish morning giving some visual warmth at least

anyway, back to those beautiful eyes!
...if they have this attached to them - then definitely, for sure, absolutely, without a smidgen of a doubt - 

~he is the One~

(well, the one for just now that is... now doesn't have to be forever;)

and as long as I am happy and doing what I love then I am sure that....

...and if one of these wee babies comes my way,
then - oh my god!!

it will be xmas every single day!!

on December 24th it will be exactly 2years since my little soulmate Wesley left for the stars
- last night I dreamt about him -
and every day with a heart filled with love I think about him, and yes - he fills me with Joy and Love and Happiness

anyway, back to reality! I have hares ready to journey across the big pond, and more heading to snow laden pastures!
plus a basket full of leverets that need stuffing and homes to go
(maybe, just maybe, they will make it in time for xmas? but I'm not holding my breath!)

happy xmas!
and a late Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful American friends! 

Thank You so very much! 

I appreciate you with all my heart 
lots of love xxxxx

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