Wednesday, 16 December 2009

and the Winners are ....

As promised here is the Golden Fish Trinket Box with the 358 raffle names cut and curled at it's side and the Arabella's Winners Board ready to hold the winning names!

I asked Personal Trainer Mike Heatlie to do the draw for me.

Mike is personal trainer to Gwen Stefani and this year he opened his luxury fitness gym in Edinburgh.
I've trained in a lot of gyms over the years (decades!) and I highly recommend Mike's gym to anyone who is serious about getting fit and getting in shape. It's got great equipment, both free and machine weights and is clean and tidy at all times. There are also very affordable gym memberships so there is really no excuse not to sweat it!

Mike is a charismatic and friendly chap who takes his vocation seriously so I was delighted when he agreed to draw the winners from the golden fish for me!
Meanwhile little black and silver fluff ball mini Mikey at the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare is making sure that the draw is conducted in the fairest way!
He has his eyes on big Mike!

Mike saw me swish up and mix the names about before I stuffed them into the fish - whew! that was a feat! but I managed to get them all in, so Mike decided that we were good to go and lifted the lid to draw the first winner for Carly's beautiful painting 'Yellow Rabbit on Blue I'

He pulled the winner out - and strained to read my tiny and scratchy writing - and it is ....

NELLIE SIMPSON! Congratulations Nellie!

Gorgeous Cheerio, with the white diamond on her nose, hopes that you will love your painting and it will be with you soon!

Second winner is for the covetable Snowshoe Hare Footprint Bowl by Kirsten!

Mike delves deep and pulls out another illegibly written paper strand ... and it is ...

SUZANNE ROSE!! Congratulations Suzanne!

Bo and Betty know that you will be delighted with that beautiful bowl - they can already see it filled with carrots! yummy!
Third winner is for Pey's tender print set of Esme the Brown Bunny!

Goodness, not another scratchily written name! thinks Mike! .... and the winner is ....

JILL POYSER! Congratulations Jill!

Little Toby knows that you will love Esme to bits! (He's wondering whether Mike needs glasses - then again Annette's writing is actually pretty bad!)
The fourth winner is for my own Baby Hare Hope!
Mike shuffled the strands around and pulled out the lucky name (he can just make it out) .... and it is ....

KEVIN PHILLIPS! Congratulations Kevin!

Kirk knows that all the baby rabbits, and all the adults too, have lots of Hope when they reach a rescue. They know that they will have a warm bed, fresh food and love until that special someone chooses them to go to their forever home.

and the last winner is for a beautful pair of Green and White Pearl Earrings by Caroline!

Gosh! thank goodness this is the last piece of paper I have to decipher! mutters Mike as he just manages to read the scrawls.... and it is .....

THEO SAYER! Congratulations Theo!
Kirk was happy with the way the draw took place, though everyone agreed that I have to go on a 'Learn to Write Legibly not Illegibly' Course!

The Golden Fish was pleased to hold the names of so many generous and giving people and was touched that their thoughts went out to the homeless rabbits and guinea pigs at this time.

Arabellas First to Five were proud to display the winners names on their fringed rugs.
They are sending love and best wishes to the rabbits and guinea pigs in all the rescue centres around the world at this time. They hope that each and everyone of the furries will find that special place in a person's heart and home and their family will be complete.

Candice says that it doesn't matter what length your hair is, or how fluffy your jowls are or how small you happen to be - the size of every rescue's heart is always huge but small enough to fit snugly inside yours.
A grand total of £291 / US$477 was raised - with the help and generosity of so many kind folks.
This was my first ever blog raffle and I am truly grateful and eternally thankful to you all for supporting this raffle and the rabbits and guinea pigs at RNGP have an easier time this winter.
Hopefully in the New Year when adoptions start again (rescue pets are not adopted out for Christmas) there will be many homes for these little chaps.
a very special thank you to Pey, Carly, Kirsten and Caroline for donating such gorgeous art! It couldn't have happened without you :)


  1. Wow, what a great success your raffle was! Thanks to you, Annette, for all the time and effort that went into it to help the buns and pigs...

  2. YAY!!! Congratulations to the winners and especially to the bunnies getting the money!!
    Congratulations to you too, Annette, for being such a kind, caring soul and helping all of the bunnies in need :)

  3. Woo Hoo! Congratulations to all the prize winners and to the winners at RNGP. I am happy for both of you.

  4. oooops forgot to say - if anyone who bought a ticket and would like to purchase from my shop, then there is a 30% discount until Christmas day, excepting the Arabella bags, which have a 10% discount. Free shipping for over $10 is still on too with that offer.

    thank you Bridget for your generous help and support! and for helping rescue rabbis too! and horse and goats and dogs...!

    thanks Meghann for joining in!! greatly appreciated!!

    Christina thank you also! wonderful support for this raffle! and for all that you do for your two special needs chaps! plus all the others :)

  5. Feels like I was there watching the draw, great play by play... thanks so much. Esme set will be going to Jill tomorrow......
    thanks for all the hard work !
    xo P.

  6. What a fun and exciting way to draw the winners Annette! I hope you are happy with the result! Well done!

  7. Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

    Yay for the furries :)

  8. I'm so pleased that you were able to get so much $$ for the bunnies.

  9. Congratulations to all the lucky winners & congratulations on all the money you have raised for Wesley's rescue! Love the way you've written this post - all these super cute bunnies have captured my heart, & if we didn't have greyhounds I know what I'd be bringing home first thing in the New Year... ;-)

  10. My, what an extra-fine lot of critters you've presented this time. =OD

  11. Congratulations to all the lucky winners. Linda x

  12. congratulations to the winners, great idea to have bunnies overseeing proceedings...

  13. Hi Annette!
    Congratulations to all the winners! That's wonderful you raised that much money. Let me know the next time you have a raffle. I would love to donate something.
    I wish Bo and Betty could come live with me. They melt my heart everytime I look at them.
    bunny hugs,

  14. thanks Pey for all you did and gave! I am very grateful! I LOVE Esme!

    Eline you were fab - thanks for your amazing help and support! I'm amazed at the result!

    Lily you are welcome, thank you so much!

    Elizabeth thank you very much! I am delighted - could not have done it without such great people.

    Jane - if only I had more room! though Arabella rules this roost!

    Maureen they are indeed - thank you.

    thanks Linda - and for your super support :)

    I was pushed to the wayside Juliet - they would not have it any other way!

    thank you Shell - I'm delighted, shall get in touch with you!


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