Monday, 14 December 2009

the Golden Fish countsdown .......

....... there is just over one day left to get your raffle ticket for the super draw that will take place on Wednesday 16th at lunchtime, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

the 5 winners will be plucked from the belly of my golden fish trinket box (it's a large Chinese goldfish and rather fat).

I did what I usually do in times of need to get the message out - I made a 'treasury' on etsy! and it is ofcourse titled - Rabbits and the Golden Fish!
(on view until Wednesday at 12.23pm)

I like to use art to get messages across and a great way to do this is to make a collection of images in a treasure box compilation. One image by itself is powerful, but 12 (& 4 reserve) together are exceptional!

Arabella is counting down aswell to the raffle deadline on Tuesday 15th at midnight 00:00hrs Greenwich Mean Time GMT (now called Coordinated Universal Time UTC),
which will be
7pm 15th Eastern Standard Time EST (USA),
4pm 15th Pacific Standard Time PST (USA),
2pm 15th Hawaii Standard Time HST,
7am on the 16th Christmas Island Time CXT (Australia),
10:30am on the 16th Central Daylight Time CDT (Australia)
3am on the 16th MSK Moscow Standard Time
all those numbers were far too many for Wesley to keep track off - he's been snoozing since +2hrs GMT!
the paypal button will be up for a little while after midnight incase there are switherers and ditherers -
and just to remind you that it only takes 1 ticket to be a winner but that every single rabbit and cavie at the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare rescue in Rugby, England will ALL be winners - thanks to the amazing generosity of so many giving and caring people!
thank you so much! Arabella and Wesley send zzzzz zeds, em, I mean xxxx kisses!


  1. Oh my, look at that plate of salad. Wesley looks too cute for words all zonked out. I love it!

  2. Hi Annette! I hope you, Arabella and Wesley have a very happy holiday and we wish you a wonderful new year full of bountiful produce for munching.
    Anne and Bean


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