Friday, 11 December 2009

Robin and the Golden Egg

I bought this amazing North American Robin material a while ago. I've already made an Arabella bag with some of the robins and now I've got two brooches in my shop.

This one is called Robin and the Golden Egg.
Today robin was foraging for a meal and came across a beautiful golden egg! Gosh! how lucky, now she is going to take it home with her. How often do you come across a ready-made golden nest egg?

and this Robin with the White Crown already has a well feathered nest what with all those jewels and sparkly bits.
Robin likes to sit on your breastplate (is that rather an 'outdated' term? like 4 centuries old?) and view the scenery, especially more so if you are having tea and cake where crumbs are readily available.
American robins are exceedingly handsome birds and part of the Thrush family Turtdidae. They are not related to the European robin - the cute little fluff ball that decorates the front of Christmas cards every December.
They have many cousins worldwide with my favourite being the handsome Fieldfare and then the Redwing. In Norway the Fieldfares are very energetic pulling worms from the gardens constantly. Some will occasionally migrate to Britain in winter for the milder weather though I have yet to see them here in Scotland. There are lots of them in Stavanger. In Scotland we have the very pretty Mistle and Song Thrushes.
I also put a couple of tiny baby hare Christmas decorations in my shop. Sunflower at the back has some sparkly bits by the ear and the one at the front has a long white fluffy squirrel tail.
Both ready to take pride of place amongst the ornaments.

This little Princess is called Meadow and she is a foster rabbit being looked after by a very caring lady who has the blog Life with Reno Rabbits. Meadow will be getting spayed soon and her spay costs have been covered by her foster mama.
however she has 3 kittens who also need to be spayed and the Humane Society of Skagit Valley in Washington state will not cover their costs.

These little fluffs do need to be spayed and if you are able to spread the word about Meadow and her babies plight please do so, and if you are able to help towards the spay costs then please read the link above for more info. Thank you.
Unfortunately I have seen what happens when a doe is not spayed. Many, many years ago in Australia I had my first house rabbit Burns. Vets over there at that time weren't very rabbit saavy (Aussies think they are 'pests') and advice was just not forthcoming (pre internet). Burns contracted uterine cysts, which are unfortunately very common for un-spayed does, as is uterine cancer. After a successful operation to remove them, with a caring vet we managed to find, she then passed away a few days later in my arms due to kidney failure. It really is imperative that all female rabbits be spayed from 6 months of age to ensure, amongst other things, good health and quality of life.
On that very sad memory I am glad to be able to help many rabbits now in rescue centres. Just a reminder that my raffle only has 4 days left and these 5 great prizes will soon be going to 5 very generous winners! Will it be you??
Tickets can be purchased on the top right here by paypal.
thank you xxx


  1. Hay, thanks for including the Bunnies in need at Reno Rabbits. And the good run down of why the lady buns need to be spayed. We sending them some $$ this very day. Cheers to you, Annette.

  2. Hi Annette
    Such a lovely post !!
    Those three little fluffs
    are very cute :-)

    Have a great weekend :-)

  3. 4 days left! Can't wait to see who the winner is. Such a great cause.
    NOW...those angel white baby bunnies ---- aghhhh!!! I remember when our "babies" (who are now 2 and 1/2) were that little. So precious. And we had 5 of them to spay/neuter just as soon as they were old enough. Oh, and the mama, too. It really is so important for their health and temperment. Thanks for spreading the word Annette!

  4. Oh, I like the Robin who can perch on one's "breastplate" - both the pin and wording made me smile :>)

  5. Thank you so much for helping my little foster bunnies.

  6. Those white fluff balls look so cozy and touchably sweet!

    Good luck to all the little critters near and far that need a forever home - I pray for them every day!

  7. thanks Diana for alerting me to these ladies! I have emailed the mum :)

    they are indeed Anya!

    Bridget your flock is just adorable! especially the picture of them all on your couch - it's wonderful! glad to spread the word too.

    thanks Karen - I was wondering what to call the upper chest/breast area - does it have a specific name where a badge is pinned?

    Meadow's mum - my pleasure :)

    me too Doris!

  8. The robins are cool!

    I've blogged and tweeted about the bunnies.

  9. Your new designs are beautiful! The robin brooches will adorn coats and add style. I love visiting your blog and learn so much on each visit x

  10. So wonderful. I do love the robins. I think the Reno buns will get the help they need. What a bunch a cuties.

  11. thank you Annette!

    thanks Laura - and it's a pleasure to stop by your blog too!

    thanks Christina and that is good news!


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