Friday, 1 January 2010

Midnight and Memories

Arabella wanted to stay up to bring in the New Year with me but her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier ....

Wesley tried too - but soon he was fast asleep under his fleeces ...

They didn't miss much though - when I looked at the clock I realised it was already 12:05! Goodness! I had been wondering what all the sirens and bangs going off were (fireworks) as I made up a delicious plate of biscuits with my tea to see in the New Year.
I want to say thanks to all my fantastic customers on etsy, and off, and that I could not have been so profuse in my creations without all your support!
Thank you also to the many very lovely people I have met this past year, life definitely becomes richer when you share!
I've been asked by these little chaps below to put on their stories. These are just a few of the Baby Hares and Rabbits that have found their forever homes around the world this past year - they wanted everybody out there to know that they were made with love.

Baby Hare Beryozhka

Beryozhka loves all plants and trees and is proud that his name is ‘little white birch tree’ in Russian.
He has been diligently collecting spores and seeds so that he may start his own wildlife garden. He is also enlisting the help of all slugs, caterpillars, grubs and flies to make the garden a success.
The deer have brought him seeds from the woods, and the birds have brought assorted plant spores from afar.
He has managed to collect nuts with help from the squirrels and tubers from the moles. Every day he updates his spreadsheets with the latest flora. He can hardly wait! He loves to sit on a shelf with a view to his new wildlife garden.
Baby Hare Arcturus

Arcturus is a rather shy youngster but she has a special calling in life.
The bees come to her with their pollen sacs and lead her to their nests where they make the honey. They are always very considerate of the other wildlife and make an extra big section for the wild bears to feast on.
They asked little Arcturus if she could tell the bears about the special section on the nests and not to disturb the Queen busily laying the next generation. Arcturus was rather scared of the big bears but she went to see them with a couple of her bee friends and the bears treated her very kindly and thanked her.
She is now the official bee messenger and has their protection and a limitless supply of honey! Yum, she rather likes honey! She prefers to perch on a shelf by an open window so that her bee friends may visit and she can go on her errands for them.
Baby Hare Cotton

Cotton loves the wind and catching the small things that get wheeked around in the wind.
She a steadily growing collection of leaves, plant spores, feathers and even a couple of very small pebbles (that was a very windy day!).
Cotton has been storing her little bits in a small jar she found on the edge of the field and is now on the lookout for a small display case instead as the jar is getting rather full. She prefers to sit on a high shelf by an open window to catch the breeze and new treasures. She is wondering if there may even be a small display case near her.

Baby Rabbit Bouncer

Bouncer is a very energetic little baby and she spends every daylight hour playing games in the meadow and hardly needs a wink of sleep.
Unlike the other baby rabbits she doesn’t need an afternoon nap. She has been learning all the games that the butterflies, mice, foxes and squirrels play and they have all let her join in. Bouncer has great dreams about opening an activity centre for mixed species when she grows up. She prefers to hop up and down on a cushion waiting for her friends to call by so that she can learn some new games.

Baby Hare Emerald

Emerald is a very persuasive and friendly hare and she has been the brains and organiser behind the woodland recycling plan.
All the forest and field animals have been spurred on by her enthusiasm to keep the land rubbish free.
Emerald has always been interested in recycling and reusing and has studied mother nature’s life cycles in detail. Nothing is ever wasted and everything has a purpose.
She is now working to do the same with the human’s litter. Earth worms have been called to action, as have ants, wasps and leeches. They finish the work started by the smaller birds, weasels and rabbits. The hawks, crows and magpies are the main locaters of rubbish and the deer and foxes bring it in for first stage processing by the badgers and otters.
Everyone has been working amicably side by side and the forest is nearly pristine again.
Many unusual but useful items are now in the forest free-shop for those who have a need (such as first time nest builders). They have been considering limiting woodland access to the humans.
Baby Hare Pippin

Pippin loves to get involved with everything though at first she is rather wary and likes to observe for a while.
She always wants to know what is going on and will be there behind you watching before she then decides to help you with your project in her own way!
The other hares know exactly what Pippin is like so they get stuck right in before she comes along. Pippin knows about this and that’s why she holds back for a bit.
It’s a good strategy though because a few times she has saved herself from being covered head to toe in mud, falling into a big hole and walking thru a hidden nettle patch!
Pippin picks things up quickly and she’s very bright indeed. Her best friend is Baby Hare Ann Mari. They spend a lot of time playing together. She prefers to sit on a high shelf with a good view so that she may observe what is going on.
Baby Rabbit Fallow

Fallow is one of the most adventurous baby rabbits in the warren.
She has made individual forays into the meadow to play amongst the grazing deer. The deer love her, ofcourse, and they lick her small body as she scampers around them.
After an exhausting day of play the eldest mother deer walks tiny Fallow back to the warren safely.
Fallow's mother then has to spend hours washing the deer saliva out of her daughter’s slicked back fur. She prefers to sit cosily on a cushion with a view to the meadow, so that she may join her deer friends when they come to graze.
Baby Hare Letta

Letta is a bright and happy little hare and she likes nothing more than to stretch out under the warm sun and have a snooze.
She always has a soft, comfy spot to sleep on and has been gathering dried leaves, dandelion fluffs and soft mosses to add to the mattress. Every now and again a breeze will blow a bit or two away so she is forever on the lookout for soft bits to take home.
Once she was lucky enough to find a very long piece of wool. She spent ages detangling it from the barbed wire but finally got it off in the end. It is curled proudly at the top as her pillow.
A couple of times she has had it wrapped around her ears after an eventful dream.
Letta loves the smell of the newly opened buds as she snoozes and the distant noises of the birds and deer.
Baby Hare Kinder

Kinder is a gentle and quiet hare who has many friends and even more acquaintances.
He likes to meet and greet everyone in the passing, the ducks at the pond, the llamas in the field, the deer in the meadow and the migrating swans as they stop by.
He usually has a small pocket full of assorted tasty morsels and makes sure to have a look first as he pulls out a treat for one of his younger friends, because once he gave a baby rabbit a worm instead of a dandelion flower! Goodness! The baby rabbit wasn’t impressed and the hedgehog went without as the worm made off as fast as he could.
Though Kinder would never harm a living being, he thought the worm had gone as it was lying so still (it was sleeping after ingesting a huge leaf underground and needed some fresh air). Kinder loves to receive so many smiles every day and knows that hearts beat warmly as he comes by.
Baby Hare Fly

Fly is a very handsome young chap with dark russett fur, bright white eye patches, white flashes and beautiful black markings. Not only is he very dashing but he has such a friendly demeanour and makes friends easily.
Fly loves to visit the edge of the marshes every day and he stays there till dusk. His mother was worried that he may get stuck in the mud but when she went along one day she saw that he was in perfect company!
He spends all his time with the magnificient cranes and they make sure that he stays on the dry bits. Mind you, he has been pulled to safety by a big long bill on a few occasions!
Just recently Fly has been helping the mother cranes collect soft feathers to line their nests. He prefers to sit on a shelf with an open window near by so that he may vsit his friends at the marsh. Perhaps you could put out a damp towel for him to wipe his feet on?
Hope you have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2010!


  1. Such lovely creations! Happy New Year to you Annette and bunnies. Wesley is so sweet under his blankie.....

  2. Arabella and Wesley your faces just make my heart melt! Happy New Year to all of you!
    Annette your work is truly wonderful! So glad they all got good homes!
    Looking forward to a wonderful year of friendship!

  3. What lovely stories and Wesley and Arabella are so gorgeous. Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

  4. Such sweet bunnies - the furry ones and your creations! Happy New Year!

  5. These are so whimsical yet realistic in their poses. I adore the big eyes!
    Happy New Year! Wishing you and abundance of blessings in 2010!
    LiBBy BuTTons

  6. Kinder sends his love to Arabella, Wesley and Mama Annette from Toronto. Loves the daily walks but could do with less dog saliva.

  7. thank you Diana - kisses to the Spots
    and the tiger xxx

    thanks Shell - all rabbits edserve a happy forever home

    Christina thank you!

    thank you Cadbury's (mum)!

    same to you Libby! thank you

    thanks Pey! luckily Kinder loves saliva!


    I wish you Health...
    So you may enjoy each day in comfort.

    I wish you the Love of friends and family...
    And Peace within your heart.

    I wish you the Beauty of nature...
    That you may enjoy the work of God.

    I wish you Wisdom to choose priorities...
    For those things that really matter in life.

    I wish you Generousity so you may share...
    All good things that come to you.

    I wish you Happiness and Joy...
    And Blessings for the New Year.

    I wish you the best of everything...
    That you so well deserve.

    Annette :-)
    Thanks for your friendship !!!


  9. Another wonderful post Annette :)

    Arabella and Wesley are sooooooo cute!
    thanks for sharing all the bunnies stories :)

    Happy New Year!

    Lily, Sam and Koru

  10. what a lovely series of rabbits and hares you've made! Arabella has a wonderful sleepy bunny look about her...

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  12. Happy New Year Anya and Kareltje!

    Maureen - lovely to see your two :)

    thanks Lily! love to Sam and Koru

    thanks Juliet, she does indeed

    opps - some comment left by someone selling cosmetics etc - wonder if they have been approved by the BUAV? as that is the only type of cosmetics, body products I use.

  13. Hi Annette,
    Malcolm here from 'It's Safer Than Spying'. Thanks for the comment! Actually my Google Analytics will only tell me where visits to my magic website come from - is there a way to track visits to the blog as well?

    I've been to your blog - love the stuffed rabbits! Your surname is a bit of a giveaway as to your origins - my wife and I lived in Orkney for about 4 1/2 years up until 2007 and knew lots of Taits up there. You're in Edinburgh now, are you?

  14. well I'm not sure Malcolm, I think there is a way actually. It was ages ago when I set it all up.
    Must have been nice living in Orkney! though the Orkneys could be considered rather Norse I believe! and in Norwegian 'Tait' means stupid!!
    so perhaps it's not that Scottish?
    I am in Edinburgh - though my heart is elsewhere!


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