Friday, 22 January 2010

Toy Story III

Squeezing on the unsold and drastically reduced Post-Christmas Cat Stockings in the cheap section at my local supermarket I could feel an interesting round toy inside, bulging at the bottom of the stocking.

I donated the stocking's kitty biscuits to my local Cat and Dog Home in Edinburgh for their furries to enjoy and I washed and disinfected (with vinger) the 'interesting round toys' ....

After reading about Toy Story I featuring active Scamp and Toy Story II featuring delegating Sydney, Tyler and Amelia I decided to film Toy Story III here ...

I stuffed the white cat head dotted ball with the cheap store bought pellets that I had to rush out and buy a couple of months ago when my order of Natural Rabbit Pellets from Allen and Page didn't materialise!
I use the A&P because they don't put GM modified monstrosities in their feeds or any chemicals or artificial ingredients. Arabella and Wesley love them but now I have 3/4 of a bag left of this store stuff and when I dropped some on the floor by mistake Arabella raced over and gobbled them up! Must be some unhealthy concoction in there!
So I put some of the tasty, unhealthy pellets in the cat head balls with the adjustable opening at half open and gave Wesley one -

... he could smell the inferior pellets and went after the ball ....

... some tumbled out and he gobbled away ...

.. and gobbled some more ....
... mean while Arabella ran up to her ball and grabbed a slightly raised cat head in her mouth and picked up the ball ...

... and gave it a shoogle ...
... then another turn .. but no pellets came out ...

... so she managed to nudge it my way and some spilled forth ....

.... which were hoovered down extra quickly .....
the offending pellets were quickly depleted and then .....
Arabella lost interest ...

and Wesley turned to his parsnips and butternut lettuce ....
- another plastic toy made in a country far away starts to gather dust in the toy box -
and Arabella and Wesley remain slim and healthy now that the inferior pellets have gone!
(there are no plans for a quad-equel)
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All money goes to helping the rescue rabbits in Ohio at the Buckeye House Rabbit Society


  1. Lol, well at least they had 5 minutes of fun :) Will the A&P pellets fit (I don't know what shape they are)? Scamp just has his normal food ration in one instead of a bowl, not treats as such. He always knows when it's empty though and won't bother rolling it with nothing in.

  2. perhaps it was MSG ???
    Love the color of the toys... can rabbits perceive fuschia pink ?
    I want to know more. lol !
    may we tune in for more bunny fun ?

  3. Bunnies are hard to please. I will come up with some kind of toy and be excited to give it to the bunnies, then I get the "what is this junk?" look. The pink balls look like fun.

  4. Lovely, fun to read, it made me smile. Arabella and Wesley are such darlings.

  5. Your A & P pellets look fab, we get Oxbow here, they grow their own hay, the pellets may be not quite as spiffy as yours but not bad....I have the question as Tasmin about putting the other pellets in. Around here meal time is play time still, though a couple of time the The Spots have refused to come into Amelia's room for some odd reason so I served them their pellets in a bowl (the old way). I wouldn't give them a ball because they'd have too much room to hide it.......

  6. Love the post Annette :) Always so much fun to read what Wesley and Arabella are up to :)

  7. Ingenious and appealing, I trust everyone bought their winning tickets !
    Charlie doesn't play, he deconstructs and generally freaks out at any toys left by Ted.

  8. Tamsin the Allen and Page pellets are slimmer than the 'junk' ones - so they will fit in perfectly.
    Arabella and Wesley always have their bowls topped up with the pellets so they can eat at any time but they only eat these moderately, unlike the other ones!

    There wasn't any of that on the label Nicole, that would be a worry! but it must have been some chemical stuff for sure. It's a worry that's for sure. All animals can see colours :)

    Christina I know the feeling - it is probably more exciting for us than for our 'wisened' friends! ha ha!

    thank you Kim!

    Diana the oxbow sounds interesting. I know we can get it here, the grass at least. I order stuff from Pampered Piggies occasionally but apart from that my two are just happy to eat, sleep, meander occasionally, wait for back massages and their nightly 'treats' that I make up for them - they go crazy for their treats!

  9. thank you Lily! it's always interesting to see what they get up to here :)

    Pey - Arabella is like Charlie - she loves to deconstruct too. When I cleaned her castle yesterday I found a half eaten interior wall lying on the floor! my, my!

    hoping everyone has a ticket :)

  10. that looked like fun while it lasted!

  11. This one made me laugh Annette ;-) Max & Molly have a dog toy like this called a 'Kong', which I fill with wee titbits for them & they push around with their noses until they tumble out, except I don't really think Molly understands it - she just tries to stick her tongue into the opening (which is too small!) & lick them out! Oh well, means it lasts longer I suppose... Jx


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