Thursday, 17 June 2010

Baby Hares - The Cat's Miaou

Arabella had a small chuckle and smirk so I asked her what was amusing -
she then corrected me to say it should read the Cat's Whiskers and not the Cat's Miaou - but, no, I replied ...

it's actually a shop called The Cat's Miaou in Edinburgh and it now stocks my baby hares, handmade cards and handmade gift tags!

Aaah! said Arabella, giving her own whiskers a good clean before nodding off again.

The cat's whiskers is rather a British/Australian term and the cat's meow is more American, having originated in 1920's America, but both are similar in meaning though being Scottish/Australian I've usually said cat's whiskers.

So when my mum discovered this wonderful shop in Edinburgh selling many different kinds of hares and wonderful gifts I kept it in mind to visit. She also kindly left one of my business cards with the owner Kate.

Time went on, I was busy, months passed, then out of the blue one day I got a phone call from Kate asking about my hares and cards.

So I gathered some up to show Kate and within a week The Cat's Miaou had a small batch of hares, cards and tags for sale! Thank you Kate!

It's a beautiful shop that is just packed with very affordable gifts in all price ranges. There are super cards to choose from, many are from Scotland and there are local artists' work for sale too. I saw some really nice cards that made me smile - quirky Scottish humour playing on Scottish sayings and the most adorable hare brooches from a UK artist. Plus there was also a very handsome bronze resin hare smelling a flower and one of the nicest hare statues I have ever seen.

Kate keeps her shop well stocked with a very eye catching window display and inside it's inviting and warm. There is definitely something for every member of the family and friends here. Just make sure that you spend enough time looking around.

If you are in Edinburgh, it's at 36 Elm Row which is at the top of Leith walk on the East side, just before what used to be the old roundabout, and it's just down from the JPearce pub on the corner.

So patiently waiting for forever homes are real-size Baby Hare Rania who is a consultant and advocate for the countryside animals, Baby Hare Marisol who loves ice cream, Baby Hare Freckle who is studying to be an investigative reporter, Baby Hare Squirrel who loves to climb trees and Baby Hare Lochan who loves to spend time with the Scottish seals on the cold beaches.

Not long after I delivered my order I came up with a new design - one I had been trying to get right for over two years - a moon gazing hare. And I finally did it, unexpectedly one day as I was cutting out patterns for more baby hares.

I'm rather pleased with the smooth lines and delicate stance of these hares. They are very reflective little beings and like all my hares, they carry great hope.
Above is Baby Hare Precious who dreams about visiting the stars with mama.

and here is Baby Hare Whisper who is very shy and loves to research about the stars he has seen in the sky.

Arabella was wondering if they all have clean whiskers? as she stretched out under her favourite table.
I said I sincerely hope so!
I'm very fond of whiskers and Arabella and Wesley have contributed to rather a nice collection. It's harder to see Wesley's all white ones at times amongst his white fleeces but Arabella usually leaves at least two a week to be gathered from the carpet.

Baby hares Whisper, Precious, Wish and Pingu are all keeping their eyes open for whiskers now!


  1. Arabella, you silly wabbit :-) She looks so cute sitting there with those cheeks (he, he, he)....I love your work!

  2. The Cat's Miaou sounds like a wonderful shop - I think the hares will be happy there! And I really like the fabrics you have chosen for all the hares in these photos.

    Purrs and hugs to you, Arabella, and Wesley

  3. oh congratulations, both on getting your hares into the cat's miaou and for the beautiful moon gazing hare design! I've never been to the Cat's Miaou but now I have an extra reason for making sure I do!

  4. Congrats on the Cats. BTW lovely photos of your work!

  5. Congratulations! That sounds very fun and exciting. I really LOVE your new moongazing hare pattern, and I especially like the fabrics you've used for them. And Arabella? She's just too cute sometimes.

    Are there really seals in Scotland? I had no idea!

  6. thank you Doris, Arabella is always so cute :) and she is very intelligent - I'm the scatty one at times :)

    thanks Katie, it's a real cornucopia of treats!

    yes, do go Juliet - you will not be disappointed

    thank you Diana

    thanks Lisa, that material is slowly running out!
    we do have seals here and they now have protection from persecution, but many fishermen kill them because they eat the fish stocks (!!!) and they have been in the news lately with some found shot including a pregnant female carry a pup about to have been born!!
    I very, very rarely eat fish and I won't support the Scottish fishing industry because of a couple of very bad people ruining it for everyone.

  7. That's great news Annette, sounds like a wonderful shop and Arabella and your sculptures are looking beautiful. So funny about collecting the whiskers - lucky you - do you know I have only found 2 single Husky whiskers in 33 years?? Best wishes for outstanding success in your new venture!

  8. aww annette- arabella is a darling girl-- and talk about whiskers....!! congrats on finding a perfect shop for your fabulous designs-- or for them finding you!

  9. Hi Annette, Lovely to see you again yesterday.

    Congrats on getting your hares into the shop - I haven't noticed it before but will pop in next time I am going down Leith Walk.

    I really love all the stories that go along with the hares - and agree that the moon gazing hares have a lovely pose.

  10. Congratulations Annette! I hope there will be lots of tourists in Edinburgh this summer so that the word of your friendly hares will go all around the world!

  11. How fabulous! Congratulations Annette ;-) I shall have to make a point of stopping by next time I'm down in Leith seeing my sister...

  12. A fabulous shop, and well done for getting your wonderful hares in there, some lucky people will give them loving homes. Your creations are adorable, and I'm sure they will look fabulous in the shop.

  13. thanks Lisa! yes, the whiskers can be hard to find at times, especially Wesleys!

    thank you Kathi!

    thanks Rhiannon - so lovely to see you again! I am sure you will love the shop.

    thank you Eline, I hope so too :)

    thank you Jane!

    thank you Kim - your brooches would fit perfectly in there too I think

  14. Wonderful news!

    And speaking of wonderful, you are on the Etsy Front Page right now and I got a screen-capture of it... let me know if you want me to send it to you!

  15. How wonderful for you. If I am ever in Scotland (doubtful, "sigh") I would love to visit the shop.

  16. Arabella I'm afraid you would never have clean whiskers if I was there because I would be kissing your little face so much!
    Annette, those moon gazing hares are fantastic! I love them!

  17. Just beautiful - and congratulations on your new stockist.

    I love the way photos of Arabella are weaved into your blog.

    And I love your hares. Love them.



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