Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Private Viewing

Last week I was invited along to a private view of Rhiannon's exhibition 'Island and Cities' showing Rhiannon's Polaroid Paintings alongside her father Kevin's Paintings of Iona and Orkney.

Arabella loves invites and started to get ready because she knows that means nibbles and drinks .....

Wesley wanted to come too, he'd never been to an exhibition before and quite fancied a nibble ...

.... but I said that the drinks wouldn't be water, nor the nibbles clover nor plantain ...

aaaah! said Arabella, suddenly professing to be tired and having 'nothing to wear',

hmmm, said Wesley, I'd forgotten I had something to do, as he wandered off....

So I made my way along with my mum to this very special view.

Very special because I have been following Rhiannon's blog Starry Blue Sky and reading her very informative posts with so many useful tips on being a professional artist and I was excited to be meeting her in person!

Her Polariod Paintings encompass 12 European cities that she visited for her 12 City Project. The above study is in her exhibition.
Her images hint of a time gone by and are enchanting and inviting, drawing you into a dream. The more you looked the more you saw. My mum and I both had favourites of Rhiannon's and Kevin's pieces.

I absolutely love the coast of Scotland, especially the further West and North West you go. The sea colours are the truly magical and the beaches are pristine. I saw all this and more in her dad's work.

It was a very well presented exhibition with both styles complimenting each other. Rhiannon has made a video of the exhibition on her blog.

If you are in Edinburgh, Scotland, do go for a viewing. It's being held at Newington Library, 17-21 Fountainhall Road, EH9 2LN. There is plenty of free parking at the library and chairs to take in the pieces and room to browse at your own pace.

Rhiannon sells her art in her etsy shop Starry Blue Sky and you can purchase pieces from her 12 City Project there and you can also purchase any of the exhibited work by contacting her direct.

The polaroid above is from the garden of a museum in Paris. Rhiannon has exceptional work in her shop and this photo combines her exquisite flower photography with the architectural pieces very nicely.

If Rhiannon's work looks familiar it's because I mentioned it in an earlier post about a calendar that I won. The months sure are flying past!!

Just to make sure that Rhiannon recognised me I took my own Arabella bag along. My beautiful felt rabbit brooch is by Kim from Veganessa. She has more of them!

Arabella decided to have a nibble at home instead and selects some new plantain leaves .....

...and Wesley was busying himself with some clover ....


  1. I tried really hard to leave a comment on Rhiannon's blog but WordPress wasn't cooperative - will try later! I think the idea of a joint exhibition of her photographs and her father's paintings is wonderful.

    P.S. We love Kim (I am the proud owner of a "Franklin" brooch, plus she has sent the cats several great toys!), so I'm very glad to see that the Arabella bag was adorned with one of her brooches. A purrfect combination!

  2. Loved Rhiannon & her fathers' exhibition! Too bad Arabella & Wesley missed out ;-)

  3. I agree Katie - a great idea!
    Kim's work is just precious! I love my brooch :)

    super Jane! Arabella and Wesley viewed the video online!

  4. Arabella and Wesley you both look so sweet and Arabella in the third pic looks like your are giving out a stern talking to.
    I will check out the blog.


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