Monday, 12 July 2010

High Plains Drifter ...

A few moons ago I was reading Dale Ann's blog Chronicles of Whimsy about a herd of buffalos (bison) near her.

I looked longingly at her photo of them, at those large, gentle bovines, early spring trees and quiet atmosphere and I felt privileged to be able to share her view.

Dale Ann mentioned that the cows would calve soon and she returned a month later to welcome the youngsters into the world with the photo below! See how beautiful and golden they are? and look at all the long grass and foliage on the trees!

I grew up on Clint Eastwood movies (my choice and my first hero!) and I relished the scenes of the wildlife on the great plains.

It was not always so difficult for the bison, both the American species, bison bison, and the European species, bison bonasus, (also referred to as Wisent), have suffered greatly at the hands of man.
But now, thankfully, they are protected on both sides of the Atlantic and are prospering a little better.

Just before the bison appeared Dale Ann had a give away on her blog and I happily entered. It was a very difficult entry because she asked for people to choose their favourite ACEO print in her etsy shop De La Rennaissance.

I spent a long time looking at them all and just could not decide between three! Oh dear! So I listed them all, as requested. (I'm not that much help when it comes to marketing questions especially when the choice is so rich)

Well, the winner was shortly announced and guess what?
It was me! My goodness!
So now I had the even harder task of choosing which image I was going to cherish. Well, after an even longer time looking, reflecting, then consulting with my fiance I asked Dale Ann to kindly send me the beautiful ACEO Baby's Got Blue Eyes.

It promptly arrived, and to my delight was accompanied by the magical ACEO The Fledgling!

This was such a wonderful surprise! I immediately dusted off a couple of shelves on my wooden display box and made them at home.

Young Blue Eyes now has a mama deer and a sibling to keep him company!and the Fledgling has a zebra looking out for her.

The more I look at my prints the more details I find. These two tiny mice are making sure the baby will be safe. Just feast your eyes on the details of those foreground leaves and the small flowers! Then there is the subtle and dreamy background leaves and light.

You will find the same attention to detail with the unicorn and fledgling! I can feel the breath from the unicorns nose warm the soft down on the baby bird.

The quality of the printing is exceptional! It's the best I have ever seen and with a velvety texture and vibrancy that can only be matched by the original.
The rich colours and subtle shades have translated perfectly on to the type of speciality paper that Dale Ann has chosen to print her art on. A perfect compliment!

In today's age I'm glad to see that quality does still matter, over quantity. It is the perfect touch to a perfect painting - and both of my ACEOs are perfect in every way!

Every time I glance up from the computer screen or lift my eyes from my work surface I am greeted by the gentleness of the fawn and his mice companions and the delight of the unicorn and his new precious baby bird friend!

I find it very fitting that Dale Ann is so inspired by nature and those wonderful bison. It shines thru on her blog.

A few hours drive north of Edinburgh and I was also amongst my own herd of bison on the high plains!

These fine chaps are one of the largest herds of European Bison in the UK.
They reside at the Highland Wildlife Park not far north from Kingussie (pronounced king-new-see) up in the Highlands of Scotland, just.

I was taking my two small charges up to see them as they had a special 'aunty day out amongst the wildlife'.
I was very impressed by them all. They waited patiently until I moved my (tiny in comparison to them) car on before they crossed the road, but not before I took some snaps.
Look at all those loose tufty bits! Are your house rabbits still shedding their spring coats? Does it make you want to grasp a few tufts and slowly hold on as messers Bison proceeds to walk off?

What a very handsome and beautiful bison!

After a few minutes of bison admiring I was egged on by small interjections from the back seat. Perhaps that was just as well, I could have watched them all day.
20 seconds along the road and we pulled up again to admire more friends!
This time we met a herd of red deer, all busy with heads down.

It's so heartening to look at Dale Ann's work after being so close to these majestic beings. All of her paintings convey such gentleness. love and wonderment!

Her Baby Pegasus bookmark will ensure that you remain connected to the important things in life, like love and innocence.

and this magical scene combines art work and photography to make you believe that you are seeing this in your own garden! That small mouse is perfect in every way!

Our day out was a huge success, the nieces were now well versed in bisons, red deer and other high plains animals.

Wesley was happily dozing away at home, with his little white dog soft toy. He likes to lick the toy and when the fur is all spiky I give it a wash and fluff it up again.
I'm sure he would love to nibble on the high plain grasses!

Thank you very much Dale Ann for the ACEOs! I cherish them!


  1. lovely bison and prints! I should go to the Highland Wildlife Park sometime!

  2. What a wonderful post! The artwork is phenomenal and the bison are SO cool to see! I can't imagine being able to see them up close as you did - that must have been quite a humbling experience (bison=HUGE, us=tiny in comparison, lol).
    Wesley is the picture of relaxation, I hope you all have a great week :)

  3. The bison are incredible! I would love to pet one. The art is so gorgeous too. I love the beautiful color.
    Of course, Wesley sleeping with his toy is my most favorite of all. Precious!

  4. Oh everything is SO beautiful. The bison are so majestic, and Dale Ann's art is fantastic. You are very lucky to have won.

    I cant get over how cute Wesley is, cuddling with his little dog!

  5. Beautiful bison & beautiful ACEOs! I didn't know Wesley had a toy dog - how cute ;-)

  6. Wonderful blog feature... i love your storytelling and how you weaved three different stories together... sigh... i particularly loved the ending... omg ! Wesley is sooooooooo adorable !

  7. What a lovely and interesting post. Thanks for showing us Dale Anne's beautiful Aceos...I loved them, especially the Pegasus, but all of them are magnificent. I wish I could visit that wildlife park and watch the Bison too...I don't believe I've ever seen one in real life.
    I can't believe your bunny rabbit licks a stuffed toy - how cute! I can just see his little tounge working on it...very sweet!
    Have a good weekend,

  8. thanks Juliet, it's very nice up there, make plenty of time for the day.

    thank you Meghann, the bison appear large in build but close up they are rather gentle and slim!

    thanks Shell, I've passed all the comments to Wesley :)

    thank you Lisa. I'm so impressed by Dale Ann's art!

    thanks Jane. Wesley received the dog as a welcoming present into our family.

    thanks Nicole! he is indeed adorable!

    thanks Doris, Dale Ann's work is all impressive!


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