Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The proof of the pudding

could be in the eating or the making. Either one will be someone's deciding factor.

The other month I had a double commission from my two youngest ever customers! They came up to choose their fabric for their real-size baby hares. Much head shaking and pouting went on amongst the fabric piles until ...

I pulled out a beautiful faux fur plush hearts fabric. The plush was requested along with a brushed cotton small hearts. I decided to make jumpers and collars for the hares with the bulky plush. I stitched on the jumpers, rather tight, so they would keep the hares warm and added a small collar for both, adorned with a plush heart.

Two days later the commissioners received their orders -

Hugs approved the consignment and all was in order until ...

they realised the collars could be pulled on and off and on and, even worn as bracelets ...,
and the jumper was virtually non-removeable. Well, it wasn't non-removeable at all. A few persistent tugs and both hares soon started to feel the cold and the stitched jumpers were quickly altered to have a button and velcro opening, so no-one gets chilled. (and they can be taken on and off and on and ...)

Usually a good recipe will stand the test of time.
In this case a flight over the North Sea and back home to Norway sealed the hares standing as special companions. Hare number 2 wanted to stay in the carry-on, and was in no mood to compete with a sleepy zebra after already being out for half the flight.

Just a small tip for those of you who are 'auntys only' and not human mothers, and who happen to be chaperoning their small charges back to their real mother - if you are in a public place and have two small energetic beings, and you look roughly the age of the mother, do not expect people to help you as you stumble around helplessly with doors, tickets, Norwegian signs and instructions, faff about with baggage, coats, toys, more toys and more bags, oh, plus drinks!
You will only get ignored by professional looking people who think that you are an incompetent mother and not the actual incompetent aunty that you are.

Next time this happens my T-shirt will display my incompetence boldly! -
'There's nothing wrong with the Mother - I'm the Incompetent Aunt!

The hares were left at home for a day down by the sea.
Here is a real Norwegian jellyfish!

Just coming over to say hi!

and a mother brought her baby for a meal. I shared some hearty brown Norwegian bread. They really make delicious breads over there, and all very substantial. Makes it so much better for the birds.
This little baby was all over the sea with mum. They had plenty to eat and paddled about in the fresh water stream.

Inside the aquarium area were many homes for all sorts of sea creatures. I bet they never tired of looking at the strange people all day long. This terribly handsome little pipe fish was just so friendly and I spent a good ten minutes exchanging smiles with him and his black fish friend below.
I love sea horses and pipe fish. His head is shaped just like a sea horse. Perhaps he (or she) is not a pipe fish?

and there was the most beautiful hermit crab in pink spotted shell with white fronds. Very friendly too and we spent many minutes exchanging pleasantries across the glass.
All the sea life were alive and healthy, having their lunch in their tanks. There was an amazing array of critters.

When it came to the real pudding (ice cream sundaes) it was best served with chips and fresh cream!
This is dinner aunty and gran style after a good day out.
Why bother with main course when you can have dessert instead?

and the pudding was delicious! I prefer to do the eating.

After the nieces were safely home with their hares and I had recovered somewhat from my ordeal I headed over to Oslo for a day.

My last night in Norway was very scenic! It's not every day you get a shepherds delight!
(my dear friends took this photo for me as I'm also rather incompetent with my digital camera! Thank you Eline :)


  1. Wow, what a great place you got to go to! Norway..I will have to remember that if ever I have the money to travel abroad. Your hares look AMAZING! What a great line that would be - just for girls, hares with plush hearts on them, too cool!
    I'm so glad you had a great time, hope your week goes just as well :)

  2. Wow - everything is amazing - the hares, the scenery!!! It must be fabulous to have such a wonderful response from your customers!!

  3. This is beyond cute and brilliant! Those little girls, those marvelous plushy hares and the beautiful scenery! Lovely!

  4. Too sweet! I didn't know there were jelly fish in Norway! You've made even more sentient creatures (this time small humans and your blog readers) incredibly happy!

  5. LOVE the plush pink hearts... that was a fabric score which applies nicely to the girlie hares :)

  6. Meghann I can say that Norway is truly stunning! ofcourse I have heard that Canada is also stunning :)
    (as is Scotland!)
    maybe I shall get to Canada one day!
    glad you like the hares too!

    thank you Marjorie!
    a smile and hug say it all :)

    thanks Ginny!

    Suzanne I didn't know that either until I peered over the side of the pier and was stunned to see about 5 floaty friends!

    thank you Nicole, though I am sure some boys will be excited by the plush hearts too :)

  7. My dear Annette, you have an open invitation from all of us in Toronto.
    Quite an adventure you had !
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. These lovely hares look happy with their new owners! Love your comment about the incompitent aunty, I need one of those t-shirts.

    Hope you're having a fab time in Norge :)

  9. wonderful pictures of your time in Norway. The baby hares are gorgeous, and it's lovely to see your nieces with them.

  10. thank you Pey! Canada is on my list of beautiful places to visit :)

    I think the slogan would go well on quite a few things Laura, as long as you have the little accomplices with you :)

    thank you Kim! I was so happy that the young ladies loved their hares, and nothing said it more when both hares were requested and snuggled in bed at night! and one even went to the barnehagen the next day!

  11. ohhh how cool! Sounds like a great trip!

  12. It was a true pleasure to have you visiting Annette! You are welcome here any time. It was fun to see pictures of the big hares and the girls too - they all look cute!

    We have rain right now and more is on it's way. It makes good time to catch up on blogging and other things on the computer.

    I hope you have a good time!


  13. I love the hares, and it looks like your nieces absolutely adored them. I know they really must have liked being able to pick out the fabric and have you make them - what a wonderful thing to do.

    Norway looks gorgeous - would love to go there.

  14. what fabulous photos. I don't know which are cuter, the kids or the creations. We all need a little whimsy in our lives: thank you for your contribution


  15. it was a great trip Lisa, thanks!

    without your hospitality Eline this trip to Oslo would not have been possible, so thank you kindly :)

    it was fun Katie, they are great little girls! and I can't say enough good things about Norway

    thanks Victoria

  16. Your nieces & the hares you made them are so cute Annette! & you (& Eline's) pictures from Norway are beautiful too. I hope you had a lovely time ;-)b


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