Saturday, 21 August 2010

an expanding waistline ...

I've been making mixed media collages for some time and find them very satisfying.
They encompass my story telling with my art.
Putting together these small ACEOs is rather a challenge and each one takes well over a couple of hours to complete even if I do have the idea already in my head.

I've been continuing a series that I started a while ago that stars two small lagomorphs - Priceless and his new wife Evdokia.
At first it was only Priceless as he began his growing up and learning life's lessons, then his yearning for a certain someone, and after he spotted her they decided to get married!

and now ...

Nothing short of a miracle

Priceless loves Evdokia thru and thru and would dare not say a word about her expanding waistline – she must be happily in love he thought and all that tea and cake. But one morning he woke up and she had their brand new family of 8 to meet him! All in the family - nothing short of a miracle! Evdokia looked tired but happy. Priceless puffed up with pride!

and ...

All curious and energetic

Priceless and Evdokias youngsters were such a bundle of energy and they loved the sea! How unusual! (just like their dad). They would spend all day diving into the water from their ‘candlestick’ diving board and swimming laps. Ofcourse, there was more beneath the surface to explore, what with them being all curious and all energetic!

These two ACEOs will be in my etsy shop soon.
ACEOs are a small art card of a standard size of 2.5 x 3.5 inches and are priced to be a collectible and affordable sample of an artist's work.

I love ACEOs and own quite a few from artists on etsy. I also really like my own ones but I've never made one for myself. I may just have to change that, and ofcourse it will come with a small story, and like all my stories will carry a small motto of life and will bring a smile to my face.

I just did a search on etsy for ACEOs and came across this very artistic rabbit - did you ever!
these happy friends enjoying a spot of lunch - what a super imagination eh?!


  1. Congratulations to the happy couple! many girls and how many boys?

  2. I never really understood hat an ACEO was, LOL you must be working with tweezers to glue that together!

  3. Lisa I do believe there are 4 of each!

    Diana it is tricky being rather small and I have had small rabbits stuck to my long hair at times!

  4. well i would never have guessed this is a first for you annette...they are wonderful! no easy thing to make a collage that is clean and full yet not overdone. you have such life in these, wonderful work!

  5. what lovely cards! They look like a very happy bunny family

  6. I really like your collages - I've been thinking about trying to make some because I find so many odds and ends that I'd like to see put together in a picture instead of tossing it out (i.e. pretty images from a calendar, etc)...and I love to cut paper and paste (must stem from my childhood)...your hares are so adorable!

  7. How beautiful! I've missed your stories about your art!

  8. I really like your collages - I have one of Precious in my office where I can see it all the time!

  9. delightful ACEO's, lovely stories and super cute pictures. I adore them.


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