Saturday, 28 August 2010

collections of ....

images that inspire

I have always collected images that I love, no matter where they come from and I have always collected small plastic animals that I restore and repaint in nicer fashion

This is one page from one of my scrap books - long before etsy was born and etsy treasuries excited everyone, including me, I would spend many hours on the floor with all my scraps around me.
They were all sorted into colours and I would assemble images to compliment each other, and on other pages I would tell a story ... sounds just like my own etsy treasuries!

The small plastic animals are all 1/32nd scale, 32 times smaller than their real life counterparts. However some of the beings I have would be rather off the scale slightly!

All of these friends will be in my other etsy shop The Hares Nest soon. Some are already there.

They took many hours to paint and being so small, they were rather a challenge!

some details from the scrap page above - this is a beautiful painting by a British Wildlife artist - no idea whom? but isn't it so resplendent?
I love those colours and the sparrows are beginning new life amongst the new blossoms - how apt!

I shall post more scrap pages over time ...

and I will soon have an important announcement to make for two rescue rabbit raffles to be held soon!! with lovely prizes to be won!


  1. We are what we collect! I'm not surprised you collect such visually interesting things. Love the new friends!

  2. thanks Nicole!

    Suzanne thank you! I have a few other collections, rather varied but just as visual

  3. What a terrific job you do on them. You must have to have a very steady and sure hand to do it.

  4. thanks Christina! it's very satisfying to do and I've not added too many 'extra' whiskers :)

  5. They look great after treatment! beautiful collection!

  6. I like your colour co-ordinated approach to scrapbooking!

  7. (Almost forgot to come back and leave a comment after looking in your new shop - it's great!)

    I really like the scrap pages - I have always loved doing collage too but have very little time to do it so have saved boxes of things over the years. And I also collect small animals :) - but don't do anything with those either! So your photos are very inspiring.

  8. Love your collections of images - great inspiration. Have also enjoyed spotting your wonderful creations pop up o the front pages of Etsy!

    Be well,

    Jude X

  9. Wow. The detail is pretty incredible.

    I used to love everything tiny, the smaller the better. The tea my grandmother used to buy always came with a small stone animal. She saved them, but if ever she got a duplicate, or if it was one that I really really loved, she would give it to me.

  10. I just looked in your Etsy and you HAVE them!!!

  11. I love that you have brought these little animals back to life, you must be a very patient girlie for all the work it must have taken!

    Keeping scrapbooks is such a great way to have an on hand inspiration.

    Thanks so much for the emmantel idea!

  12. Wow, you've done an amazing job with the plastic animals! They're gorgeous!

  13. What a neat idea! Hope you and the buns are doing well!

  14. Very pretty - you do a great job on the animals...I love when people take old plastic things and restore them or reuse them since plastic is one of the planet's worst enemies.

    I will go check out your inventory in your Etsy shop right now :-)

    Take a look at my giveaway if you get a chance!

    Kind Regards,
    Doris and Gizzy

  15. thank you Viktora!

    and Juliet, it is a compulsion and the scraps drive the direction!

    Katie - we sound the same!! :) would love to see pics of your small beasties!

    thank you Jude! the animals make their own unguided way to the FP, usually when I am not looking :)

    Lisa they are the Wade animals from England. They are pretty common here but don't necessarily go for a song.
    What ones do you like?

    You are welcome Laura :)

    thank you furry!

    thanks Jen, we are :)

    I agree with you Doris! and thanks for your giveaway - so cute!!


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