Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Twice as Nice

I'm pleased to be taking part in two Winter raffles this year to raise funds for rescue rabbits at Buckeye's in Ohio, USA and the RNGP in Rugby, UK.

I'm supporting Pey in the Buckeye House Rabbit Society Winter raffle with my prize of Mother Hare Fortuna.
Pey has donated her delightful painting The Harvest.

Mother Hare Fortuna – Soft Sculpture

A textile ornament of a real-size mother hare to display fondly in your home.

Fortuna is a very beautiful and good mother hare and she looks after her babies well. She makes sure to choose the safest spots for her babies and has found the wild rose bushes to be the best places. The roses smell so nice and the bushes all have very sharp thorns which keep prying noses away from her youngsters.

Fortuna learnt about the rose bushes from her mother and as a youngster she spent many happy hours playing amongst those sharp friendly spikes. They taught her the importance of haste with care and to this day she will always make sure that the path is safe before she goes down it. The other mothers have been wondering where she gets her beautiful perfume from and a couple have noticed the scars on her long ears and decided against wanting to try this perfume!

Though Fortuna is not keeping secrets but the roses are not suitable for everyone and even her long sleek ears pay the price.

Fortuna is looking forward to resting cosily on your arm chair and would appreciate an open door to your garden. She will be spending time amongst the roses and may even bring in some flowers to decorate your sitting room. And you may find a small present of rose perfume one day too.

Wesley thought that was very nice, two prizes!
I woke him up to show him Fortuna and he got a bit peckish seeing all those roses on her. Try as he might he won't be able to get at them from under the bed!
Then he noticed the freshly picked carrots on Pey's painting The Harvest , yummy! and he wanted a few of those aswell.

Arabella decided that she was going to have some of both too and I said that they only way that will happen was if she bought her tickets!

Hmm, she thought, then looked up at me -

She put on her nicest Pretty Please face, and, goodness, how could I say no?

to be in the running stop by Buckeye's

...... and you will share with Wesley and Arabella if you win won't you?


  1. Nicely done, Annette.
    I will spread the word about prize sharing.

  2. thanks Pey - could not have done it without you :)

  3. We'll definitely have to enter again this year - these are lovely prizes!

  4. thank you Katie! and the other raffle details with prizes will be going up very soon too

  5. Both lovely real and beautifully created bunnies- best of luck Annette!

  6. what lovely prizes and what a lovely story about Mother Hare Fortuna

  7. Oh, Mother Hare Fortuna is so sweet :)
    I love your creative descriptions too... Makes one fall in love with them forever!

    proud mom of baby hare Augustine :)

  8. Loved the story about Fortuna - what a good lesson, "haste with care" - I never seem to get that one right, so I hope to win her and she can remind me every day!

    What a beautiful painting Pey has done too - looking forward to hearing more about the raffle :>)

  9. Wonderful and lovely prizes for such a good cause. Love them buns!

  10. thanks Victoria! (twice :)

    glad you like them Juliet, thanks

    thank you Anca, and so glad you gave Augustine a home :)

    thanks Karen, I'm learning too!!
    I love Pey's painting aswell


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