Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Kisses from above Thanks from the heart

Arabella gets daily cuddles and kisses from me. I love to snuggle my nose and lips into her forehead between her ears.

She loves this too and immediately starts to grind her teeth a couple of times. This is rabbit language for pure happiness and contentment.

I tell her how much I love her and how happy I am that she is in my life, how very lucky I am to have her with me.

Arabella is now over 6 years old, that much I know. We took her home from the rat rescue she was staying at, in the very end hutch, a lonely doe who had no name, in August 2005. Our precious first rescue rabbit Zai chose her from more than 10 other does.

And in November 2007 Arabella chose Wesley from the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare in Rugby, England, to come and be part of our family. Wesley had been waiting for a home for nearly a year when I 'discovered' him online.

However, it was not the love affair it had seemed to be. They must have both known that I was head over heels with Wesley and made a pact to be 2-hour-friends at the rescue so that he could be with us.

Even thru the 'baby gate' there have been wars and Arabella is now healing from two bites. The gate has a secondary perspex viewing-only gate so that when I am not around it can be closed to stop gnashers reaching thru.

Thankfully Arabella is healing well, her fur is growing in thick and black and the scars are getting covered. Rabbit fights are dangerous and serious and un-friends need supervision at all times as my two have shown me.

Wesley just had a very bad start to life, that's all.
But what can I say, he was found covered in blood and urine on a disused railyway line and thankfully taken to Tracy's RNGP rescue.

When I make my soft sculptures I am always mindful that they must convey the same preciousness as my two little hearts.
They must always be full of personality and spirit

and must instill in the owner the deepest love and respect to treat them with the utmost care and compassion

these two baby rabbits will be named soon and meeting my other little friends in my shop very soon

and I decided that it was time I had my very own tiny squirrel to add to my family. Infact he came with a baby hare friend. They just appeared, on my worktable one day, and I love them lots!

So when you spend time with your cherished friends, whether they be fur-friends, or scale-pals, or feathered-friends make sure that your kisses come gently from above and absolutely from your heart.

Wesley and Arabella have some VERY exciting news to announce soon - Christmas presents for only a couple of dollars and many thankful hearts :)


  1. Poor Wesley did have a difficult start to life didn't he?

    Lovely photos of Arabella, I used to snuggle Anya between her ears too!

    Your latest creations are wonderful!

  2. Aw, sending some more gentle kisses Arabella's way - hope she heals soon. & some to Wesley too ;-) Jx

  3. Amazing to me how such cute, fuzzy and peaceful little critters can fight so mean sometimes. I'm glad Arabella is getting better. Poor Wesley! That is an awful way to start life. Thank goodness you came along and now he knows love. Makes my heart so happy!
    Love your new squirrel (rubbing my squirrel bite finger) hee,hee,hee.
    Have a fun day my friend. Give the buns extra smooches from me.
    xx, shell, sugie and harrington

  4. The photos of Arabella from above are lovely - her ears are so beautiful! So sorry about the bites - but thanks very much to both you and her for helping Wesley. The cats send many purrs to all of you!

    P.S. The squirrel and hare sculptures are spectacular - I love how you are using the fabric prints here!

  5. I snuggle my bunnies daily, too. Well, I snuggle Sogna, and kiss her on the bridge of her nose and between her eyes and the top of her head. Biff doesn't usually tolerate it. About once a day he'll let me scratch his head, and maybe shoulders or cheeks, but never more than 30 seconds before he "remembers himself."

    WOW. That's a BAD bite!! Have you thought of getting a 2nd baby gate and keeping them a couple of inches apart??

    Just look at your little diva hair!! (The gold one. she looks like a diva to me).

  6. Your two little hearts......I love that and that's how I think of my 5 sillies.

    I think sometimes the older girls have a tougher time accepting bondmates. Millie is never mean to Haven but could care less mostly.

    If you have Silvadene cream avail there, it works absolute wonders on bites and other skin abrasions.

  7. What a precious girl Arabella is! Her fur looks so soft and snuggly.

    We have a young wild rabbit in our garden at the moment. He sneaks in under the gate for some of our lucious (uncut!) grass!

  8. he did indeed Juliet, but there are happy endings, many thanks

    thank you Jane, she is better already

    Shell I hope your finger is better now!

    Katie some of the fabrics will be familiar to you! purrs to the cats :)

    ha ha Lisa - you Always make me laugh!! my two 'remember themselves' after they get carried away with a back scratch!

    my door can't take a 2nd gate plus the extra high perspex one

    thanks Christina, I have some Calendula cream that is good too

    such a treat Julia!


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