Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Celebrating Rabbits

This post was written for the EFA blog a couple of nights ago and I wanted to post it here as I know many non-rabbit lovers visit.

You may learn a thing or two and I hope you find a new respect for rabbits. Not just soft, cuddly and adorable!

I'm care giver to two rescue rabbits, Arabella and Wesley.

My rabbits live indoors with me. I tried living in a hutch but it was cold, cramped, damp and smelly so we all live together happily inside, warm, snug and toasty!

I look forward to sharing some informative asides about rabbits. (all true and witnessed by me)


- live to 14 years and

does must be spayed to prevent uterine cancer

- use kitty litters with ease

- must eat constantly with food always present

- love to sleep during the day

and play at night

- climb up the sofas and chairs, the higher the better

and race around the rooms

Rabbits love

- broccoli, kale, carrots,

turnips, parsnips, herbs and greens

- eating electric cords

- books, papers and furniture legs

- redecorating your house, their way

- digging up the carpet corners

- eating the skirting boards

and curtain bottoms

- chewing your new shoes

especially the shoelaces

- your bag straps

and wallet

Rabbits will

- investigate who is at the door

- thump their hind leg at disturbances

- charge at people they don’t like

- always inspect what you are doing

Rabbits may

- kiss you on the nose

and on the chin and neck

and forearm, if you are lucky

- place their head on the floor

for you to submit to them and caress them

Rabbits always

- leave surprises all over the floor

not a surprise for them, just for you

- pee where they feel like it, if they want to

- show you displeasure if you slight them

Rabbits are

- not for everyone, especially kids

- like small goats they will destroy your home

- able to fill your heart in seconds

- so much bigger than their size

Their spirit is indomitable

But most of all

- rabbits will love you

110% if you love them 100%

- they will be devoted to you

if you treat them with love

care and consideration

forgiveness and humour

gentleness and respect

openness and honesty

you will have a friend for life, for ever

please support rabbit rescues, adopt or sponsor and make your world a better place, thank you

Love a chance to win one of 14 great prizes? Please enter the two rescue rabbit raffles I am taking part in.

the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare



  1. Very well said; you summed them up beautifully. :)

  2. thanks Jade - and I know why you agree :)

  3. A perfect post! Truly perfect.
    xx, shell

  4. Beautiful post. My home is the poster child for bunstruction right now.

    Can you tell my buns about the playing at night thing? they like to play at night too, but also go wild between 6-10 am

  5. thanks Shell - you have perfect helpers!

    I love that word Lisa - bunstruction! and I've not seen my two so sprightly at 6am - do you give breakfast to them then?

  6. Lovely post, I heard of a bunny who lived to 20, and I also know bunnies who don't like to get up on sofas or chairs...

  7. that's amazing Juliet!

    Yes, my two are not sofa climbers - they hate being off the ground at any level, but Burns, my house rabbit from Australia was a true climber and investigator. Completely at home at height!

  8. Very good information for people who are considering a pet rabbit! I owned a California Rex buck and he was not neutered. I didn't know then that was an option, nor did I have much rabbit experience, but he allowed me to put a harness on him and I took him to the park. He was the boss and once he pinched one of the cats on the underbelly, the cat jumped about 3 feet high straight up into the air...the rabbit chased me once, grunting and I ran around and around in a circle with him in toll...I was kind of afraid of him - he was a big one - I think he must've been close to 20 lbs. and he loved everything - from carrot tops to grapes, bananas and juicy melons! I loved watchhim him tild his head back so the juice would not trickle down his chin, but in his mouth - he was really a fun bunny!

  9. Very nicely said! Glad to hear the 14 year mark! Lola just turned 4 today! :)

  10. Great post! I couldn't have said it better :)

  11. ha ha Doris - that's funny, chasing you! I think you had reason to be afraid of him :)
    a very smart rabbit indeed!

    Happy Birthday to Lola!! we are coming now for a slice of the cake! (it is carrot isn't it??)

    thanks Furry :)

  12. Just wonderful Annette. I dont know what I would do without these furry sillies.


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