Thursday, 9 December 2010

6 and counting .....

6 days left to the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare raffle draw!

this is Wesley's old rescue and we have supported Tracy and her invaluable work there ever since we were lucky enough to take Wesley into our lives. Plus Tracy is truly devoted to the rabbits and guinea pigs that come into her care, as well as being an exceptional voice and advocate for them.

6 good reasons to buy a ticket now

1. Rotini, above, will have carrots to eat thru winter (he may even get his loving forever home too!)

2. Mother Hare Ermine will be gracing someone's arm chair come Christmas day! and maybe nibbling on your curtains!

she is one of the 13 super fantastic prizes in the raffle!

3. Linguine, above, will have plenty of fresh hay to sleep in, and munch on (he may even get his loving forever home too!)

4. Muesli, above, will have a warm place to stay until his forever mama and papa come to get him (it may be sooner than he thinks!)
No furries are put to sleep at the rescue, it is a no-kill shelter and each rescued rabbit and cavie there is loved unconditionally for however long, until they leave

5. Carbonara, above, will be safe from abuse and maltreatment, safe from being ignored in a hutch at the bottom of the garden, safe from being dumped on a corner, safe from fear and hunger, illness and pain because Tracy took her in (she may even get her loving forever home too!)

and last but not least

6. Fabian on the left, and Fifi on the right, will have hope

hope that they will have a future filled with love, with a human who loves them more than life itself!

and I'm lucky that Arabella and Wesley have that, and that I have them, and I wish all these buns, Fabian, Fifi, Carbonara, Muesli, Linguine and Rotini love and happiness.

Tickets are HERE - and you only need 1 to be a Winner!
Good luck and Thank You


  1. They are just adorable, and I love the foodie names (Rotini in particular is just too *squee* for words).

  2. yes they are Jade! wish I could take them all home with me. Fingers and paws crossed they get loving forever homes soon!


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