Sunday, 19 June 2011

... fretting ...

often alot of the fodder for my stories comes from my own experience.
Ofcourse like any good writer I do my research, but I find that if I get my facts right (as right as can be, thanks wikipedia) and write from experience then I think I may fare quite well. Because I hope that the zillions of mistakes I have made in life are not just privy to me, but to alot of you out there. And I find that life is made up of a lot of mistakes.
Some people would call them learning experiences, and that you never stop learning. And I have to agree, that is true. And I think that is the optimistic approach.

So, when I worry about this and that (all those things outwith my control) I prefer to call it fretting, and hopefully that sounds more optimistic than worrying!

Baby Hare Frett (on the left, at the back, because she was a little worried about being at the front)

Frett is a very beautiful little hare but her mama noticed early on that she furrowed her brows a lot and tended to have many small worries. Most of the babies go thru insecurity phases, and the vast majority of them quickly grow out of these phases, but small Frett seems to be still absorbed in them. First of all she used to worry a lot about mama being away from the nest. Not worried about her next meal though, unlike nearly all the other babies, nope, instead she was worried about mama’s safety, and waiting for mama to come back safely to her. And almost always envisioning a fox or hungry wolf out there meeting mama on the path home. Only when mama had her in her arms could little Frett relax. And it was rather a big burden on her tiny shoulders, all this worry. Mama spent extra time with Frett, and took her on many confidence building outings, but still there were the daily insecurities. So, as with all small worriers, there is really nothing that anyone can do, except wait it out, over the years, for them to stop worrying so much. And ofcourse telling them often that everything is fine and all will be okay. Ofcourse that may seem to go down well with Frett and the other babies like her, but don’t be fooled by appearances. Inside she is all a tizz and doesn’t believe a word you are saying, no matter how reassuring you are and how genial her small smiles are as she peers back up at you. There is probably nothing that could quell her unease, but she has been giving it some thought though, since it takes up such a large part of her day – all these thoughts that flit into her mind from dark little places. She was thinking it may be good to have a radio signal to mama at all times. That way she can talk away and ask questions and have natters and what nots as mama goes about her daily activities away from the nest. Mama said that would be a very good idea but she’s not sure what radio would have a very, very long distance signal and how it would fare in different stormy weathers and whether it would be waterproof. Well upon hearing all that Frett had the biggest furrow on her brows ever! But mama gave her a smile and said she was only joking! and that jokes are good – jokes help to lighten the load of worries. Frett let out a little sigh of relief and agreed with mama.(Though she didn’t really find it very funny at all). But she was still very keen on the radio link and would ask around if anyone knew about such a probability. She was sure there would be someone out there who knew all about radio signals and frequencies and terrain and reliability ….

Frett is looking forward to sitting safely on your shelf, surrounded by snuggly things to keep her from worrying too much. She would like the window open as well so that mama can come often to visit. She would also appreciate that radio link please, so when you find out all about it please make sure that you acquire at least 3 radios. One for her, one for mama and one for you. (You can control the frequencies and all that high tech stuff – she’s not into that side of things, thanks). She needs to be in touch with those closest to her at all times. And when you are going out for the day and come in to give her her daily kisses – you know the usual kisses you give – well, she would like you to secretly tell her how long you will be away for so she doesn’t get too worried in your absence. So if you are going out for 5 days, er, hours, then she would need another 5 kisses more, so she doesn’t fret too much. An hour feels like a day to her that’s all! Just so, so long waiting for you!! Now you will make sure and do that won’t you? Frett will be able to relax so much more. Well, er, only a tad bit more.

Wesley hasn't been worrying too much. He's a kind of relaxed chap and takes every day as it comes, always acting very laid back.

Unless ofcourse there is something tasty around!

Then he dashes over for a nibble and an investigation.
Here he is sharing Arabella's clover, grass and carrot tops. The novelty wore off for Arabella after a few nibbles so the tub of treats is now is Wes's room.
But, er, after 3 days it wore off on him too! (too much of a good thing?)

So now I have salad garnish for every day!

I have been fretting about Arabella, ofcourse. With her spondylosis.
But now we are both taking every day as it comes and enjoying every day as much as possible with back massages, kisses and very, very gentle cuddles.
I have been truly blessed to have her in my life and she is a beautiful, graceful companion.
She is on a few homeopathic painkillers (Traumeel) every day, so I'm hoping that on very painful days they are working enough.

Arabella, though, still has plenty of get up and go in her. She grooms, eats and seeks attention just as much as always!

~ and she wants to remind you that the hare give away is still on - until the end of this month!
Please take the time to enter and leave a comment of where you would expect to find my hare stories for sale in your bookshop (or elsewhere).
Good luck and thanks!


  1. We fret here too. Haven is probably quite tired of his mom and her fretting.

    I too believe life is a constant learning process. When you think you have all the answers....whats the point of living.

  2. Frett is gorgeous. I hope she finds a forever home free of worry and full of radios and kisses.

    I'm sending gentle virtual hugs to Arabella (and Wesley of course!) from me and the hares.

  3. Frett is fantastic! As always, your hares make me smile big!
    Sending nose bonks and snuggles to Wesley and Arabella.
    xx, shell

  4. Frett is lovely and so is that wonderful indoor garden you have! My buns would be jealous. Sounds like Arabella isn't fretting half as much as you are, which is great news! Hopefully she will maintain status quo and will not suffer too much. Meanwhile, enjoy each and every day.

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