Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Gratitude ~ from my heart

Arabella enjoyed some beautiful warm sun today as it streamed in our windows.
(a big deal when you live in cloudy Scotland :)

That's the good thing about having a south facing home - you get all the natural warmth,
though this flat was built over 100 years ago with huge chunks of stone, and that has a tendency to keep the rooms rather on the chilly side.

but today was a good day
she enjoyed some treats

~ Arabella is fine, she stumbles every now and then, I have made changes so she can get around easier, but she still has plenty of joie de vivre in her

I am blessed to have her

and blessed to have this little preener rascal too!

Wes is a love bug and an inquisitive chap, he loves nothing more than just sharing the same room with me, coming over for kisses and massages and every time he flops right over in happiness with his furry mouth up to the stars (well, er, the chandelier!)

I've been so lucky with my buns and have alot to be thankful for.
Many of their traits I use in my baby hare stories. They have opened their hearts to me and shared much and for that I am very grateful.

And I'm so grateful as well to Amelia Kinkade the gifted animal communicator. When I was still grieving the loss of my precious house bun Burns from Australia (yes, it took me many, many years to get over the loss), I came across Amelia one day, read her books, attended her workshop and my life changed for the better.

I can honestly say that reading her books and meeting her has made me the writer I am today, putting myself in their little furred paws and writing as I do thru the wonderous yet mischievous eyes of the baby hares and squirrels and rabbits and ....
Thank you from my heart Amelia!!

yeah! yeah! enough of the waffling Ms Tait - let's hear another story then! says Arabella

..... well, if the Princess asks - the Princess gets! ....

Baby Hare Flame

Flame is a friendly baby and always gets on well at the playgroup. Most days he is happily ensconced in tasks by himself but occasionally he can be seen making his way to the edge of the meadow with a small group of other babies. Mama could see that he was developing well and would have very little psychological problems when he grew up, however, it was not the case! One day half way thru playgroup he came home in tears, sobbing! and mama asked what was wrong? well, he choked, the other babies had been taking it in turns to lead the group and he had been happy to tag along and do what they wanted but when it came to his shot then none of them had wanted to do his thing! He was so upset, especially after spending all those afternoons following them around, and truthfully, not really wanting to do half of it! I mean, who really would want to dig up every mole hill mound they came across? Or nibble the bottom of the stalks holding harvest mouse’s growing family? No, he was not happy. Well, mama took him under her wing and said that sometimes in life you do these things and it makes you realize that that is not the type of hare you want to be – it shows you who you really are, so those lessons had been invaluable and should be prized. aah! little Flame lit up, his eyes sparkling – how clever mama was! Then he wondered to himself, had mama been just like him when she was tiny?

Little Flame is looking forward to sitting cosily on your shelf. He will choose the spot thanks, now that he is happy to follow his own path and ofcourse he will have small demands of particular bedding and pillows. Plus you must leave the window ajar so that he can make daily trips to visit mama, because he loves her and she has good advice. And he wants to hear more advice from her. You are welcome to spend as much time as you wish with Flame but remember, he will be doing his own thing now, so you will have to be the one who fits in. However, one day he may let you decide what activity you will be doing, but mind, no stomping on mole hills or snipping stalks – he has a caring heart. And no sulking either if you don’t get your way!

.... aaw! that was nice!
hey! c'mon, no staring! - what's a little bit of treat stuck to your lower lip eh? a crime now-a-days? sheesh!

Arabella wants to remind everyone that my Hare Give Away has 2 more days left!
Love to win baby hare Fraoch or mama hare Elegance?

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and Good Luck!


  1. Glad to see Arabella and Wes. basking in the sun.
    That's what Charlie's been doing as well.
    Thanks for the story, we all have our own life to pursue.

  2. Glad to hear that Arabella is still having good days. The dogs have been enjoying lazing in the sun this past wee while too ;-)


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