Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Love - is the only thing that matters

my precious little sweetheart has been thru a few storms in the last 2 years

in the last year she has had 3 operations to remove aggressive cancerous tumours on her mammary area - even though she is Spayed!

and even though she is getting lots of mother nature's natural foods to help improve her immune system

the last operation was on Friday and she was just exhausted after it

she is a real fighter

but Margot our vet is the best ever, and is so, so good with her

and about 2 years ago her back legs began to get stiff and sore,
so during her operation last week Margot took xrays

and after the operation when I came to take my tiny bundle away,

she told me the sad news -

it was not arthritis as we both thought, but instead

Arabella has spondylosis,

which has no cure
and will only get worse, causing bone growths to come off each vertebrae which are already very visible on the xray
and trapping the nerves in the spine and causing severe pain

so I've been trying to keep a happy face for her

my cherished little ball of fur
whom I rescued in 2005 after the horrid life she had had

and we live every day with LOVE
lots of LOVE, endless love

because after all else, love is the only thing that really matters, and I know that now

Arabella has nothing but dignity and she wants to say that every rabbit, everywhere, deserves love and kisses every day


  1. HEAR HEAR! Arabella little darling, I hope you dont hurt too bad. Isnt it odd that when we talk about rescuing them, they really rescue us.

    I wish only good things for Arabella and Wesley and for you too Annette. Dignity for every living breathing creature would really make quite a world.

  2. <3

  3. you are right Christina - they sure do rescue us!
    thank you for your wishes :)

    thank you Diana, we listened to it, it was very peaceful :)

  4. Poor sweet Arabella,
    You are too precious to be dealt such a harsh hand. You and Wesley and your dear mum are in our thoughts and prayers, and Mr. Mick sends lots of nose bonks and bunny kisses.

  5. Yes, love is the only thing that matters, and Arabella will spend every one of her days surrounded by your love and wonderful care! ((((Hugs)))) to Arabella and Wesley, and to you too dear Annette.

  6. thank you Jade, my thoughts precisely! who is the dealer??! and thanks Mr Mick :)

    thank you so much Mollie :)

  7. Oh sweet Arabella. Sending lots of light, love and happy wishes your way. You are all so blessed to have each other. Indeed, love is the best thing and the only thing we all really need in this life.
    xx, shell

  8. thank you Shell for your words of wisdom and good thoughts :)

  9. Arabella couldn't ask for a better Bunny Mom than you. She's a lucky girl in so many ways.

  10. yes she is lucky Karen, but I think I have been very lucky too and I've been so blessed to have her in my life :)
    Weasley is lucky to have you :)

  11. Poor little baby =( So sorry to hear your news Annette. I'm sure that you have given Arabella the best 6 years any rabbit could ever wish for. Spondylosis is horrible - a friend's lurcher had it (again, not diagnosed until really quite late on, after X-rays were taken) & it was very hard to balance the pain relieving medication with its side effects. Your love is no doubt the best remedy for Arabella to help her live comfortably until the time when the pain becomes too much. Sending hugs to you both. Jx

  12. I'm sorry to hear about Arabella. But maybe her magnets and good food will continue to help her cope, whether we call it arthritis or Spondylosis? I certainly hope so. Arabella is such a sweet little girl and every day with her is a gift. So here's to crossing our paws for many, many more. We're here for you, Annette and Arabella, and we're keeping you in mind and keeping our paws crossed for you.


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