Thursday, 9 February 2012

Enamoured with tasty small jewels ....

my latest mama hare, Enamour, is packing her bags and will be off to Australia in the morning.

She's a little worried though because you're not allowed to bring any foodstuffs into Australia - they have very strict customs regulations and an ecosystem that is protected from foreign seeds, plants, spores .... you name it ....

so she has asked me to check her bags before we go to the airport, as she knows that I grew up in Australia, and will have an eye for any offenders amongst her stuff

Mother Hare Enamour

Enamour is a very beautiful hare and she has turned quite a few heads, especially with her red speckly muzzle, not that she notices because she has eyes only for the tasty berries in the bushes.

And she is not a mama in the mama-plus-baby-hare sense of the word, no, it’s more like she is a mama in the gardener-pruning-her-beloved-plants sense. Her fascination for all things berry started when she was just born and before she had made her first foray out of the nest. Every morning when she awoke she would peer over at the bushes and gaze longingly at all the swathes of magnificent glistening plump berries in a multitude of hues - reds, purples and oranges, and my, my, did they look ever so tempting!

That sure was incentive enough for her to leave the nest and one morning when mama came to give her breakfast she could see her leveret no-where, then suddenly from inside the bushes she spotted her, up on her tiny back legs, neck craned high, stretching for the jewels. And on turning to greet mama her forepaws and muzzle were covered in red spots and stains! tut tut! Mama wiped her face and cleaned her paws and gave her a lesson there and then on the spot about which types of these small fruits were good and not good for hare stomachs, as some made you so ill you couldn’t eat for days, let alone lope off without falling over in pain! Enamour’s eyes grew big as mama pointed out the dangerous ones, and she sheepishly rubbed her small belly because, yes she had ingested rather a few of them. And it wasn’t just today, it was yesterday also, she had had about 20, maybe 30 of them from the lowest branches! And not a pain at all!

Mama sensed Enamour’s uneasiness, but continued on with her lesson only to discover that her baby had eaten all the poisonous ones and didn’t even show a single symptom of discomfort! Goodness! Well, Enamour was a little worried about how many of them were actually unfriendly to eat, but then she reasoned later in her small hare brain, that she was fine and fit after all, so she would just go on consuming them.

Ofcourse, she wouldn’t be telling mama this! Nor any of the other hares! And she hadn’t told mama about when she got stuck inside the berry bush on that first morning and had to chew a branch off to free herself! She had managed to climb up the bushes but her rear toes had slipped off a branch as she stretched across to the end of a twig laden with the most delectable fat orbs she had ever seen and she ended up upside down in a fork! deary me! and chewing thru that branch sure took a long time! But she decided she would continue on with her bush climbing because those berries at the very, very top branches looked just so tasty, and she bet that they tasted the most delicious of all the berries born!

Enamour is looking forward to resting cosily on your armchair by the French doors. Not the same armchair as Majestic though, because she doesn’t like to share her chair thanks! Besides, she usually leaves stains on the upholstery from the berry bits on her paws and muzzle and she doesn’t want to hear any complaints from anyone more house proud than her, or be accused of miscolouring someone else’s coat.

And make sure the French doors are left open as she will be going out every day to inspect, taste and prune her berry bushes. Now that she is a devoted berry raiser she has many jobs to do every day, making sure that all the white peely wally fruits grow safely to adulthood for when she can dine on them! And she has a lot of different berry bushes to go around as well.

A while back mama had taken her up the brae to the heather moor and shown her the scrumptious blaeberry bushes and Enamour soon found her days spent gobbling the blaes amongst the heathers. She had even nibbled one or two heather buds in her berry eagerness, but eurgh, they tasted rather ghastly! She’ll be sticking to the berries for sure!

And she is pretty good at climbing inside bushes now too, her delicate feet are very good at splaying out to give her super purchase and her slips have been few and far between. And she is growing her nails long to help with the clinging and scaling.

You are welcome to come along and assist with the berry minding. You could bring a basket perhaps and Enamour will pick off a few for you to dine on. You could pick them yourself ofcourse, but you’ll end up with red stained fingers and she doesn’t want to hear any grumbling from you later when you find out that no, water will not remove them. Neither will soap nor scrubbing!

So what’s it gonna be? A few choice berries and clean fingers or a basket of succulent spheres and crimson digits?

Enamour raced over to the armchair to say goodbye to all her friends!
she shed a tear of happiness that she had a loving forever home to go to!

and then loped over to her bags to see what I had pulled out .... hoping that it wasn't her secret stash of berries!

(er, sorry, but yes it was!)

cripes! blurted Clipper - keep those berries away from my snow white coat thanks! I don't want to be red spotted!

Yeah! me too! barked Velvet - I ain't wanting no blotches neither thanks!

and besides,isn't it high time I was getting into your etsy shop? amongst all my other friends?!

I'll head off there now - you can get your act together later ....

well, well! what can I say? my hares have a mind of their own eh?!

safe journey Enamour! and say hi to Australia for me :)


  1. thank you Kay :) thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm sure she will find all kinds of tasties to her liking in Australia--and hopefully she'll leave some for the other critters to enjoy as well. :)

  3. Australia! Oh how I want to go there one day!

  4. Bon Voyage, Mama Enamour !

  5. Safe travels Enamour. I would love to carry a basket and help you take care of your berry bushes.

  6. thanks for everyone's well wishes!


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