Sunday, 19 February 2012

he flew into my life and landed on my heart

this is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen

I love it so much! and I call it my Wings Ring :)

perfect in every way,
structurally, symbolically,
it exemplifies everything in my life

and every day I imagine wearing it and the love I feel

it's by the amazingly talented Andrea from Artigiano Jewel Box

and I love this ring too 'black with a twist'

and it will be such a compliment to my wings ring
with it's black star sapphire, fire opal, black diamond and black onyx - with every stone here telling a story

it's by Doris from Dadamietz ~ thanks for making it Doris!

and around my wrist I see a pair of wings,

keeping me safe,
leading me the right way in life,
taking my hand in his

so incredibly beautiful!

I love, love, love this Wings bracelet by Andrea so much and yes, I can feel wearing it too!

and not forgetting my decollete
I would be honoured to have this Silver Hare, watching from above as my wings and gems adorn me,
I love, love, love this necklace! big time!

by Shaun from Punk Jewellery, ~ thanks Shaun!

and in place of the sun and moon and critters I will have stars instead

because the stars always listen
and always deliver ~ thank you :)


  1. Hi Annette, I am very happy to be on your beautiful list! :)
    Thank you for all your kind words -

  2. you are very welcome Andrea :)
    your work is breath taking! and has found a place in my heart, and one day I shall be wearing it too :)

  3. yes, I agree Christina! they are all beautiful and amazing


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