Tuesday, 14 February 2012

the WHITE RABBIT(s) - Right on Time

a couple of weeks ago I was a winner ......

of a very beautiful white rabbits watch!

Wesley wondered what on earth all the fuss was about and why was I celebrating when he was still waiting on his delivery of gourmet rabbit treats from over the pond - surely that was selfish he said?

and... he went on ... - who was that other white bun in the house?
We only do one white rabbit in here, thank you very much, and it's him! ....

I said it was the beautiful card that Donna and Dot from Lavender Rabbit Hoppenings sent me, along with my prize of the white rabbits watch - and I held it out so Wesley could inspect it.

... but all he grumbled was .... the pond is late! the pond is late! it's 1pm here not 8am!

and then he wanted to know who that other white doe-eyed honey was shuffling thru the papers?

and I said it was Dot choosing the winning ticket for the draw!
- that's the ultra cute and amazing thing about entering give away competitions from house rabbit mums - the rabbit always does the drawing!
But then again, rabbit-mums all know this!

and even cuter - is having the bunny-nibbled ticket stuck inside the greeting card!

Thank You Dot!!!
mwah xxx mwah xxx mwah xxx! (okay, okay, I know your fur is a bit wet now!)

Donna does a monthly give away on her blog and this beautiful mermaid amongst pink sea jewels is the prize!

It's really gorgeous! but I am so grateful to have won the white rabbits watch that I shall participate from the benches this time and cheer the winner from afar.

Donna has an etsy shop Lavender Rabbit Studios, where all her jewellery can be purchased, including the beautiful watch I won. Do stop by and have a browse.

browse? browse? barked Wesley as he looked at the plate of treats I set out for him - the mail man had arrived and brought gifts from afar!
I browse on grass not brickettes! what is this?!

and he went off for a nap!
There was silence around the treats plate as the birds ruffled their feathers then the Canada goose peered down at the black and orange misshapen mess at it's feet and honked in fright - Goodness me! what's that?!

Well, that darkened lump is my own home-baked rabbit dental treat (is there such a thing?)

I wanted to order Wesley some nutritious treats that would be excellent little workers in helping to keep the spurs off his back molars and his front teeth trim and in shape.
He has had to be anaethnetised twice this past year just to have his back molars ground down and I was wanting to avoid doing this if possible.

I got in touch with Jade - Mr Mick's momma, and asked for advice and she was a fountain of help and great ideas, all of which I followed thru!
Thank you Jade!

First stop was browsing online to find the best cookies for him and Jade said to check out BunSpace. They help rabbits get rehomed and have a super tempting online shop - I was even licking my lips!

After a rather long while of browsing I purchased the large square Banana Oat Cupcakes, and a bag of tiny round Banana Bites and Wes was given a small bag of Papaya cubes as a present from them!

Thank you so much Andrea for helping with my order and putting in the present for Wesley!

and whilst waiting for the postie to stop by I then decided to look for recipes to cook my own rabbit cookies, as Jade so helpfully mentioned!

First stop - Tamsin and Scamp's place! and the perfect solution! thank you

Well, I am not a very good cook and as for following recipes? - I could only but try and I did mix in a few jars of organic baby food and a few other bits of this and that, and after a couple of batches of lumps went into the oven, a clock that ticked over too, too fast (should have used my white rabbits watch!) and er, the edible and salvaged evidence of my attempt is above!
(I will write a separate post of the recipe incase anyone's appetite is whetted so far?)

and this stuff here - well, what can I say? black and hard and burnt and ....

can't win 'em all?

so i went back to the drawing board, em, I mean kitchen counter - and I made a fresh batch.

This didn't harden nearly as fast and I left it with my mum to watch it crisp up and dry out. Which it eventually did. Wesley likes it though, thank goodness. At least someone eats my concoctions (must be all the dehydrated carrot flakes and powdered herbs I threw in).

large oat and banana cubes - still here,
tiny banana bites - in high demand
papaya cubes - went within minutes!
my cookies - going slowly when nothing else exciting is around

and his teeth?
Well, Wes had his front ones trimmed the other day by Margot and we are still working on keeping them 'workable and snipping things' as much as possible, and his back teeth? - Perfect!! not a spur in sight! and that's 3 months on from his last burring down!
But I do make up small mash treats that he gets every day and I have been putting in masses of Alfalfa hay with stalks and that seems to have done an excellent job! (since my little bun is so not a hay eater!)

and incase you like to buy - or WIN - instead of cook - then make sure to enter the super fantastic Spring Raffle at the Buckeye House Rabbit Society!

- toys! tunnels! grass! bags of hay cookies! baskets! and a darling ceramic white bunny! WOW!

Herta and the rabbits will ship worldwide and tickets are sold by paypal

c'mon eh?!

Now who can resist that face?? get your tickets today :)

Wes and I have ours, er, his!

yeah! yeah! enough of these other white rabbits - just give me a cookie!

... oh, okay ... one of yours then, if it has to be ..... sheesh ....

Good luck everyone!


  1. Yay for no spurs! Mick loves all the Bunspace treats you bought, but right now I am having to ration them out VERY sparingly as somebunny needs to lose a few ounces for his overall health. (Can't win--first he needed to gain weight, and now he's gone and gained too much.)

    Definitely want the recipe for the homemade treats!

  2. Wes looks very happy there (well as happy as a disapproving rabbit ever does!). Good news about the teeth!

  3. So happy you love the little watch. Dot is very appreciative of her kisses, she loves the attention. So glad Wesley's spurs haven't returned, very cool. Bunspace is a huge favorite here, great choice of treats.
    ps.. Wesley, none of the white bunnies I sent compare to you buddy, you are one handsome bun :)

  4. That's great news about his teeth!

    I can't believe you burnt his cookies though, lol. Although in fairness cooking time does seem to vary a lot, we keep pulling ours out having a debate about whether they'll cool harder or are too soft and then deciding they are too soft and popping them in a bit longer, it's very complicated baking for bunnies!

  5. The watch is beautiful and I am so happy it went to you. Poor Wesley and his toofers. We use a grape nuts type cereal here 2 times a week for keeping those pointy molars away.

  6. okay Jade, shall rustle up the paper I scratched it all on - not that I actually read the paper - I didn't!
    and Wes never gets podgy, and eats like the proverbial horse :)

    heh heh Juliet :)

    ha ha Donna - you buttered him up well!

    indeed it is Tamsin! lol :)

    well done Christina! glad it works


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