Monday, 1 October 2012

backseat drivers ...

even when you are alone in your car, 
driving along, 
thinking your thoughts about this and that, as one does,

there is always a small niggler in the back of your mind, ready to criticize your every decision -
- too heavy on the gas, took the corner too tight ....

so how about making it easy on yourself instead?

- and attach a little hare to your rear view mirror and let him do the niggling instead

the hares are made from my old Australian Army cams when I was a soldier. Nothing ever goes to waste :) 

these little hares love to be back seat drivers!

and as they pipe up, with the sun glinting on their luminescent eyes, you know they are right, yes you do! 

however hare is kind and good natured, no matter how many times you crunch the gears, brake too hard or take yet another wrong turn 

Hare doesn't mind your cursing but remember to smile, no hogging the road or tail gating, and be pleasant to other drivers

You will get there in the end so just chill. Besides, being on time is overrated! (just try telling that to a soldier eh?)

And don't forget to carry spare batteries for your GPS, though hare is great at map reading and will help out any time, just make sure it is a big fold-out-old-style map and not one of those silly books. Hare might get trapped in a leaf!

- in my shop now 

and so, when one project finishes, another starts 

I'm busy making up fabric brooches for the not-faint-of-heart.

then again, who's to say that a faint-of-hearter won't want to be brave and wear a bold beastie on their breast?


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