Saturday, 6 October 2012

Abreast of the times

I'm not an earring girl, always been rather scared that they would snag on something and rip part of my ear off, or become tangled like a piece of unmanageable chewing gum in my hair, and elongate the lobe! 
and my double piercings closed up years ago from un-use (non-use perhaps?)

but I do like my brooches

and I have a nice little collection of breast adornments

and I make my own unabashed ones too, which I put in my etsy shop

they are all very noticable and rather on the large side, and that's cool with me, because brooches are meant to be admired,

'robin redbreast offers his sweetheart diamonds and sings from his vintage lace nest'

and whether they take the place of a jacket, or a mini masterpiece on your breast, they give the wearer a certain je ne sais quoi

- and surely one this size would! this is a brave brooch for a brave woman! (or man)
'as night sets in does shelters from the frost'

and the best side to wear your bold accoutrement?
I like mine on my left, just above my heart 

'stag watches over you from amongst the winter snow'

and in matters of the heart - one of my little princesses will be becoming not-so-little in a couple weeks time!
so I whipped up a girly pink mama hare 'Princess' with rosebuds behind her ears ('cause she ain't into earrings either!) for my tiny darling niece who will be 8!!

where does the time go? 8 already?!   

.....I remember, once, a long time ago, when I was 8 ...


  1. thank you Christina :)
    Wes sat between my feet when I busy making them :)


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