Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Autumn Flowers

Flowers? what do you mean flowers? it's autumn not spring!

honestly, I'm a house rabbit, never been outside for years and at least I know there ain't no flowers blooming in October!
some people! such untruths! tut tut... 

well, I suppose it made for a nice post heading, but it is a little accurate, indoors at least, because my latest etsy shop offerings are hare head brooches!

and a nice way to display them are in this pretty metal flower stand (which was once a candle holder until I got my hands on it) 

they have been made from scraps of tweed that are off cuts from Scottish kilts made right here in Edinburgh

a few months ago I was in Starbucks with my mum and this tall handsome Highlander walks in wearing a really hot kilt, showing off a good pair of sexy legs and a great set up!  

and no joke, my jaw dropped and the biggest smile came over my face 
and, em, my mum's too! 
because who couldn't smile when you see a handsome bit of the Highlands down in the Lowlands here in the capital of Scotland wearing a 'skirt'!

but the friendly dude was used to droolers and warmly told us where his gear came from and it happened to be just round the corner
so after mum and I finished our delicious Starbucks treat, 

we headed off to 48 Thistle Street 
and met the cool kilt maker himself, Howie from 21st Century Kilts 
who has made kilts for so many famous people like Ewan McGregor, Robbie Williams, Alan Cumming plus loads of others big names, and loads of not so famous, not big name others too

and we had a great time, chatting about this and that, Scottish this, Norwegian that, Gaelic this and hares that, drooling over his amazing gorgeous kilts and the removeable 'pockets' that go with them!
(not just for boys :)

and a little while later.....

the first blooms of autumn are picked

- some for my shop, some for a shop in Ontario, Canada - ArtWares, some for the Hare Preservation Trust online shop that I manage, and perhaps there may be one left for me, and one for my mum?

each one is one-of-a-kind, original, unique, different and handmade from first whisker to last whisker just by me
..decorated with trinkets, jewels, treasures, adornments, ribbons and faux fur.....

Hey!! what the hell, is that my tail?!!

jeeeeeees, honestly, some artists, think they can sew on whatever they want!
artistic licence my !*@_


  1. What, no pictures of this handsome kilt-wearin' man so the rest of us could drool over him as well?! No fair!

    It's a good thing there's some adorable Wesley pics to *squee* over--just want to give that fluffy butt a squeeze and smooch that face!

  2. what lovely hares and very Scottish too!

    Lovely photos of Wesley.

  3. OMG I love that big fluffy white bunny ^_^

  4. yeah! no camera Jade!!

    thanks Juliet :)

    thanks Ava, but Wes is actually rather petite and very cute!

  5. I love the bunnies and I am very jealous of your kilt wearing fellow sighting. Give Wesley kisses and love from me as usual please.


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