Wednesday, 5 December 2012

whiter than snowwhite

yesterday as I drove home from my gym I saw a really exciting sight - xmas trees are up! 

so as soon as I got home I rustled around in my cupboard and pulled out my Everlasting

then I did what I normally do when faced with a bare tree

I stared and looked and stared and glanced and pondered and...

well, you get the idea?

so this morning as I was having my breakfast cuppa I looked at my adorable little wooden white love hearts, and I thought...

why not?

a white on white love tree :)

and 10 minutes later - voila!

2 of my white ornament hares (my own :) and a few hearts and a few loves and a perfectly beautiful tree!

it was snowing in Edinburgh the other night. It's been a little bit chilly lately, down to -4 even! and highs of 3 degrees C (just now it's 3deg at 3pm)

So how about turning the heat up?

I put a couple new cards into my etsy shop - 'you're The One'

because no matter the weather, love transcends all degrees

and if you got your eye on a crush, 

then make a move, life it too short to hold back

so discreetly leave your number on this card - 'your Burrow or Mine?'

and you might not even need to put the heating on, -4 or not!


  1. I enjoyed this post. The tree, the evolution of the decorations and the cards. I'm smiling now and feeling quite Christmas-y. Thanks.

  2. thanks Carol - yes looking very xmasssy here in Edinburgh now infact!

  3. So pretty Annette. I love the white....peaceful and perfect.

  4. love, love, love your white simple and pretty!!

  5. thank you Christina! yes it is peaceful and smile inducing ;)
    and thanks Vicki! yes simple and pretty :)


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