Thursday, 14 February 2013

i know im not perfect but....

Wesley was perusing the fridge magnets the other day as I was doing my photoshoot of the newest litter of tiny leverets on the counter top

oh, okay then,
he wasn't really - 
he was waiting for me to get him some more parsnip and savoy cabbage and ....

though Wes does spend rather a lot of time infront of the fridge, even half way thru brekky he will make his way over to groom and sleep infront of it, below my tasty selection of fridge magents

I've got rather a nice little collection of magnets going

I have my HUGE one of my shop logo with Arabella on it, the same size as a mouse mat! (remember them?), 
and I have my kissing hares,
and my rainy day hare 
and last years kissing hares calendar (why not?), 
one for a rescue in England with doggies and a deer and an owl and a rabbit on it, 
one for Combat Stress for British soldiers 
one with a fluffy white kitty on it that says 'I know I'm not perfect but I'm so close it scares me'

infact I notice Wes looking at that one more than the others!

a while ago I got some magnets made up of my rainy day hare

they turned out pretty neat

and cos it's valentines day - the day of LOVE  and giving and sharing

I'm gonna give one away! yay! and I will include a postcard of this image too :), if you'd like the chance of winning this, to adorn your fridge  

then have a look at my new tiny leverets below 
and tell me in the comment section who you went and told about them 

- so you can blog about this giveaway, or tweet it, or FB it, or pinterest it, or tell your mum or bff or bf or gf or bgff or bbff or..... anyway, you get the gist? 
just mention this to someone, somewhere here on earth and let me know in your comment

and in a week or whatevers time, I will let Wes choose the winner

these tiny ornaments are in my shop now

and getting their knapsacks packed and 

getting ready to celebrate easter

and bring some smiles every day

so.....  good luck!


  1. Your giveaway has been FB-ed!

    Mick and I are having one as well, so check it out if you get a chance. :D

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Wesley--give him lots of smooches and pets for me. Mick sends Valentine's nose bonks and bunny kisses. :)

  2. I've shared the post on FB and on Pinterest

  3. I have some lovely pieces from rainy day hare. I will share too!

  4. They are gorgeous I will share everywhere I can Love Linda :)x

  5. Hi Annette,
    It's my birthday soon so I've been sending a link to your site to my family and dropping hints about your hares! hee hee

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment about Rudolph and I am SO glad to read about someone familiar with the tail wagging phenomenon... Yes I think definitely a touch of defiance in this little man. You should see the state of my chest from attempts to cuddle... "NO! Do not cuddle me. You may groom me but do NOT pick me up. You are warned." Ha ha...
    Thanks for giving me the heads up on the magnet giveaway... I will go and share it on Cottontails Twitter and FB pages :)
    Love Charlotte - and fiesty Rudolph

  7. Hello - you have such a lovely etsy shop and blog : ) I would love a chance at winning this beautiful fridge magnet. I have told everyone on my blog, twitter and Facebook - here is the link to my blog ---



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