Tuesday, 19 February 2013

the winter sun

the other day Wesley was catching some rays

along with the tiny ornament rabbit that was drying out after a bath (too rough to dust, so gets a douse instead)

the winter sun is rather hot, behind the sashes

and he loves to groom 

and attend to his daily ablutions in the warmth and quiet

hey Annette - I hear that there are only 3 names so far in your magnet give away - how hard is it going to be for me to choose a winner eh?! 
I was looking forward to getting my paws immersed.....

~what can I say?
it's only a teeny tiny hare magnet after all? and not a mama hare with original story....


  1. WHAT? Only three???!!! I would have entered, but I assumed there would be so many people entering that I would not stand a snowballs chance in Hades!!!
    I LOVE hares! If it is not too late, count me in!!!

  2. I just told Reddit!!! Now can I enter?

  3. Buns in sun have all kinds of fun. :)

    I hope we are one of the entries, cause we did link you on FB. Of course, Mick may have gone and hidden everybunny else's to give us an unfair advantage... ;)


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