Sunday, 10 February 2013

....there's talk ..

there's talk around the traps that King Conan will be out sometime, and right now they are scouting NZ for locations 


my hero Arnold returns as Conan!

~ thief ~ warrior ~ king~

before Arnold was my hero, there was Conan, my hero

I grew up on Robert E Howard pulp fiction and had every Conan book going, plus all the excellently illustrated comics.
He was a tough, uber masculine, charismatic, handsome and cool dude for sure, living in exciting times and I devoured those books eagerly

and when Conan the Barbarian came out, with Arnold in it, I was in absolute love! 
(though I had already fallen in love with rabbits way before then :)

and, em, yes I do have a little Conan sword all of my own
I bought it just for me, 2 years ago in Norway in a tourist shop in Stavanger, of all places, amongst all the Thor stuff I had been drooling over, until I spotted it!
and now it's on show amongst my ornaments and rabbits and spitfire mug in my glass kitchen cabinets where I can see it all the time
*love love love*

shall be seeing this movie at least 10 times! can't wait! so excited!

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