Tuesday, 26 March 2013

calling all Aussie diggers (serving soldiers)

are you a soldier in the Australian Army? 
and do you have an old pair of cams you don't need?

if so, then maybe we could do a deal :)
and you could score a neat lil' hare for your wheels

not so long ago I made my very first 'Drive Safe with Baby Hare' rear view mirror charm for your car 
and put them in my etsy shop

well, I made up a batch of these tiny leverets from my old Army shirt and before I knew it, I had hardly any of my old cams left, from way back when I was a soldier in the Australian Army 

so if you are a digger, and reading this, 

and would like a cute little hare for FREE, (worth 30 bucks!) for your hot wheels, 
(will be an ice-breaker for the ladies :)

and have a set of spare cams - don't matter what pattern, new issue or old ones, then ...

just drop me a line and we can do a deal ~ easy :)

my email:  dhoy@lumison.co.uk

attn: Scottish hare Annette

I live in Scotland, so when I mail your hare back to you I shall put in some snow, we have plenty of it just now!

this one above is my own hare and he loves being in my car as we cruise the streets
... oh okay then, as we make short trips to the grocery store ....
.....and the gym .......
.......and the ....

all my hares are made with heart - I'm good with heart

even my sangers have heart in them!
(Aussie for sandwich)

so if you'd like a purdy lil soldier hare who is very opinionated - and good with the ladies - and is guaranteed to keep you right, when you're on the road, with all his back seat driving -

A tiny baby hare companion to keep you safe on every trip.

When out and about in your wheels hare loves to dangle from your rear view mirror and make sure that you have a great trip. 

Hare doesn’t mind your cursing but remember to smile, no hogging the road or tail gating, and be pleasant to other drivers.

You will get there in the end so just chill. Besides, being on time is overrated! (try telling that to a soldier eh?)

And don’t forget to carry spare batteries for your GPS, though hare is great at map reading and will help out any time, just make sure it is a big fold-out old-style map and not one of those silly books. Hare might get trapped in a leaf.

- and in December hare will appreciate a shiny bauble or two on your dash, perhaps even a sliver of tinsel, to get in the festive mood. 

Hare loves nothing more than being a backseat driver and being admired. 

This little hare wants you to know that baby hares are called leverets.

Hare has been lovingly made from a scrap of Annette’s old Aussie cams when she was a soldier in the Australian Army and is a beautiful keepsake to name and pass down. 

then drop me a line mate, even if you are a choco ....   :)

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