Friday, 29 March 2013

uh-oh!! chocolate poisoning!

Hoppy Easter from Wesley and me

hey! stop typing and keep scratching! -what is this? holiday time or something??!

I bought a few chocolate rabbits to help us enjoy easter, 

.......actually, there were 3 more 

but they escaped from this warren two days ago...

~ oh, alright I ate them, and got what felt like chocolate poisoning! 
is that even possible? 
I know chocolate is poisonous for dogs and cats - but humans?

mind you, it was rather alot of chocolate to consume in the space of two sittings 
(dinner the night before, and the rest for breakfast the next morning)

1 large chocolate rabbit 440g +
1 small gold chocolate bun 120g +
1 small gold chocolate bun 120g =

one green-faced chocolate-filled slightly-sickly feeling bunny  (not Wesley! me!)

anyway - here I am the day after - fully recovered and with a nice 'glow' to my complexion :)

- who says chocolate is not good for you? even in copious amounts??

and did I see a morsel?
not even a whisker!!

.....oh now, just look at that - there's a bit smudged here ...... mmmmm, nibble nibble..
- now wasn't that lucky?


  1. Good thing you didn't get any, Wesley--you're better off with Easter grass (not the plastic kind, though).

    I have found that eating rich chocolate will upset a tummy far quicker if it's been a while since you've had any--you might want to pace yourself in the future. Glad you're feeling better--and a Happy Hoppy Easter to you and Wesley from me and Mr. Mick! :)

  2. ha ha Jade - love your advice! thank you, shall apply it to next years intake :)

  3. Sorry you felt ill after all that chocolate! My grandmother used to always eat a box of chocolates in one sitting. Chocolate though, specially very dark chocolate, isso good for you that you might want to eat a little bit every day,

    Happy Easter!

  4. your grandmother had the right idea Juliet!

  5. oh chocolate overload! i've had that : )


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