Tuesday, 9 April 2013

listen to your mother

not that long ago I welcomed a new little white rabbit into my home

as you can see Wesley wants nothing to do with her, and refuses to make friends

I saw her online a couple months back, when I was looking for a new speaker for my mac. 

And how on earth could I resist such expert marketing attempts to pull at my heart strings??!

- show the product being touched affectionately
- show the inanimate object being held desirably in the hand
- relate to the object as you would to your most treasured possession

So, ofcourse, I was hooked! 
and imagined myself holding that tiny little white rabbit as I listened to my toons blaring out from my iPlayer

well anyway, one slow boat from China a few weeks later, and my new adopted sub woofer i-MU Rabbit Peanut Speaker arrives safe and sound

-hmmm, let me rephrase that ~ safe and SOUND+PLUS

see the little white fleecy jacket that the bun is wrapped up in? 
that's because the sound is totally amazingly unreal LOUD!! 
and for the life of me I just can't seem to adjust my iPlayer sound any lower than zero+1,
and that is still as loud as a party of teenagers home alone on a Friday night going full blast at 3am...

so if you are looking for a sub woofer to replace your deluxe Bang and Olufsen advanced home entertainment sound system - then this little bunny might do the trick ;)

...honestly, how's anyone expected to get a good nap around here when the party never stops?

Wes confides in Mother Hare Fara as she goes thru her paces for her etsy shop photoshoot.....

anyway, the fleece makes a little bit of a difference, so that's been good, though I am still considering a small glass cage!

I put some new hares in my etsy shop tonight, like beautiful Mother Hare Twilight above
(at least I don't hear any complaints from them, long ears or not)
and besides, I like to write their stories in silence so lil' peanut will be taking a break from the ACDC, Motorhead, Metallica, Sepultura and Airborne toons :)


  1. Mr. Mick says he may stop by to borrow the little rabbit for when The Boy comes home. I'm not sure what he's got planned, but it's probably not nice (for The Boy, that is).

  2. heh heh - bestest speaker ever Jade, and I reckon The Boy will be mightily impressed by this tiny bunny! (I think Mr Mick remembers the flattering photos that were taken of him :)

  3. Ah Mother Twilight is beautiful. The little bunny speaker is too cute. Wesley just has to let it grow on him.

  4. What a cute little bunny speaker, sorry it's too loud!

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  6. yes indeed Christina, just as well his ears are always down!

    it's so powerful Juliet - worth every penny though

  7. OMG, I just went shopping in your etsy store. You seem to have created a portrait of my new girl Lois!!! I have her in my cart, along with a stuffed friend for her. Do you combine shipping for more than one critter, I wonder? Look at Lois, then look at Mother Hare Resolute...there's a story in this, I'm sure. :) http://lopaholic.blogspot.com/2013/04/camoflage.html

  8. oh my gosh...Wesley is so cute! mother twilight is so pretty - i love the hares with words on them.

  9. hi Tamara, Lois is such an elegant beauty! and very intrepid in her choice of surroundings:)
    Yes I combine shipping and always refund excess postage over $1, no worries - etsy shipping cart does all the combined shipping, then after I weigh the parcel and calculate the postage here, I refund any overage
    thanks for stopping by :)

    Thanks Vicki, I do too, it's such a nice touch
    and Wes appreciates your comment :)


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