Monday, 3 June 2013

drawing straws

what's that Annette? 
time for a Give-Away?!

okay then, I'll get practising

 lah dah da dah da...

 hemmm hmmm hmmm hmm...

 treeem treee treee tre...

 deeeh deee deeeh dee dee..

 uh? now hang on a sec!

I'm not wasting my time here, this better be worth it
I don't do this straw pulling for magnets you know whats you giving away girly?

yeah, okay Wesley, a step up from a magnet this time

I'm giving away* my Deer at Midnight brooch 

like it?

A one-of-a-kind, not-for-shrinking-violets, handmade by me here in Scotland, purdy stag brooch

this cervidae is out in all his sparkle at midnight, amongst the jewels and glamour and glitz
and is excited about sitting on your breast, em, chest, and taking the cool evening air

made from an old Scottish kilt, scraps of ribbon, black faux fur tufts, the end of a shiny bracelet, a sparkly lil' crystal bead and lots of scrappy sewing

 alrighty then, I reckon that's worth a bit of my time

...and some dried carrots and some oatcakes and a piece of your toast and..

*Roolz -
leave a comment below (saying how beautiful the brooch is yadda yadda) 
do one of the following 
- blog about this
- FB it
- tweet it
- pinterest it
- tell your ma 
- tell your bf
- tell your bff
- tell your bbfff (?!!) 
- tell your dog
- tell your rabbit 

and if you do more than one of the above I WILL WRITE YOUR NAME ON AN EXTRA BIG STRIP OF PAPER :)

good luck!


  1. Love, love, love the brooch. And love how serious Wesley looks in his role as chief winner chooser. :)

    Pick me Wesley!

  2. PS.. I have also tweeted about your giveaway!

    Love, Adelaide Hare (formerly zinnia pea!)

  3. So cute! :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Good to see that Wesley is taking his job as name-picker so very seriously. Mr. Mick says he should hold out for as many treats as he can get. :)

  5. FB -

    Twitter -

    Blogged -

    Pinterested -

    Told my BF, but he was asleep so I'm not sure he heard.

    BFF is also my BF, but I'll save telling him a second time till he's awake.. :)

    I DID tell my Gerbil Freddie and my life size Stitch plushie. (As said in blog ;) )

    Oh, and a bonus, Google+ :

    Phew! Now I best get off and post some oats to Scotland .. for, er, no reason.. ;)

  6. I love this brooch. Quite simply. And I so very much want to wear it on my highland odyssey this summer :) It's just lush!

    I've told this to Stanley and Suki and asked them to spread the word, but I can't be sure they're working for me on this!

    I am just about the FB it! And Tweet it!

    Quite simply this brooch must join my existing hare brooch, and the one reserved for me - I am A Leverets Nest maniac fan...

    :) xx

  7. I wrote a long post of yada yada but it didn't post so here goes again!

    I love this brooch. I. Love. It.
    I love all your brooches. And this guy will go a tasty treat with Mustard Hare. Quite soon I must come back for the reserved fella! I love him already too!

    But back to this guy - I would really love to take him on my scottish odyssey this summer. We're heading back to the highlands and I think he should some how be attached to my kayak! I will post a pic if I win this giveaway ;)

    I have asked Stanley and Suki to spread the word, but I'm not sure whether they work for me or just humour me on this!

    I have FB-ed my joy about this brooch and as soon as I post this I'll be tweeting.

    Please make my month :)


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