Sunday, 30 June 2013

gettin' out the big guns!

it was Armed Forces Day the other day, and I went on down to Princes Street gardens, below Edinburgh Castle, to celebrate and appreciate the amazing work our Armed Forces do for our country, our freedom and our way of life.

In particular I zoomed right in on the Army ~ cos I luuuvs the Army big time.

I spotted some big guns at the 3 Rifles stand and could hardly contain my excitement! and all my old memories of being a soldier flooded back!

and a very handsome soldier kindly jogged my rusty memory about the GPMG M60, the 7.62mm general purpose machine gun, which every platoon has. It's a very impressive piece of kit!

Ofcourse I had already drooled over the L115A3 long range rifle for like forever! (never had that in my platoon!) and would have loved to have spent more time there, but I was hogging the limelight and there were 100 little impressionable kids all wanting to touch the guns :) 
(em, just sos you know, they're not really guns, they are rifles :)

yup still drooling over the M60 *sigh*

over the years I've always supported the Army and the soldiers with my art - last year my watercolour triptych of Edinburgh Castle and the Scots Greys raised £220 for the Australian Engineers RAE Foundation
I hope to donate another painting to them again this year. The Engineers play one of the most valuable roles in the Army, as they clear the ground for safe passage. The Military Working Dogs are out there, at the front, on the front line, their wet noses doing the hard work sniffing out the IEDs. 
When I was serving with the Engineers in Sydney, my kelpie/heeler cross Max, became a bomb dog.

and very soon I hope to have an exciting announcement to announce(!) 
with these purdy lil' Drive Safe Hares and raising funds for the doggies and soldiers 

hares being born and soon to be Drive Safe with Baby Army Hares.... (ofcourse leverets are born with their eyes open and ready to run)

when I came back to Scotland I gave my small run-around a nice new coat ....

looking rather handsome all cammed up :)

only took me an afternoon 

as I was chatting to the soldiers I couldn't remember if I had bought their wristband - as I buy one for every deployment - but when I got home and checked, I had indeed

yeah, course you bought one Annette! you spend more money on wristbands than you do on treats for me, and chew and chew as I might, these buggers never seem to taste any nicer  *yeuch*

ha ha! thanks for reminding me Wes! (*off to get a chunk of oatcake for you now*)

You can support the excellent work these lads do by purchasing a wristband from them  and by donating and fundraising for them.

They have paid a high price to serve this country and have already lost 30 soldiers on tour, and many more have lost limbs and suffered severe injuries. 

Soldiers serve because they love their job, their way of life, their mates and their country. They have a great sense of comradeship and a great sense of humour - check out this postcard from 3 Rifles - this is Army humour at it's best!

thank you for the Army and the Armed Forces, and Thank You all at 3 Rifles for your service, so appreciated! ~ stay safe always xx 

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