Monday, 25 November 2013

so loving snow deer

can there ever be enough love?

or deer, or hares, or snow? (preferably all together)

I do so love printed fabrics with beautiful images of deer

especially in blues, greys and browns - my fav colours, 
which remind me of the viddes in Norway  ~ it is so breathtakingly beautiful to be on the vidde, I have never felt so at home (um, was I a reindeer in a past life? :)

an Arabella bag is on her way across the pond

complete with faux fur collar and a North American Whitetail

and faux fur ruffles on the rump

with straps adorned with fluff, tweed and ribbon scraps

and ofcourse a tail! 

what self respecting rabbit would not be complete without a white and black tail?

some deer have made their way into my home early this winter

every year as soon as the xmas cards come out in the shops I usually buy a pack of the ones that I just can't live without

12 cards is more than enough for me

3 on display in my sitting room, and em,

9 that will be stashed away for a few more years

last year I think I sent 3 cards (late), it must have been January by the time I got around to sending them

hmmm, not that there is anything wrong in that is there?

(dates are WAY over-rated)

and no, I am not the type of person who waits to see who will be sending me a card before I send them one. Last year I got a few cards, I am sure it was more than 5 (maybe it was 6 at a push) and that was including the free church one that is always put thru my letterbox just incase I have had a bad year and need to find solace in god. Nice to know it/he/she is always there for me :)

I'm a 'Universe' girl myself, and send my love to the stars actually

the stars never judge me, they always shine their light on me and every night, without fail they are there for me
sparkling and glistening and twinkling as I admire and appreciate them

I so love looking up at the ✻  stars every night    

okay enough stargod stuff -

here is the fabled Bluebird of Happiness!

well, er, this one will definitely be bringing happiness

I rustled it up last night for my little Norse princess who will opening it on xmas day

every day will be a happy day for her :)
(hey! ~ she has me as an aunty!) and I take my aunty duties very seriously! 

1. make my nieces feel good every day
2. make my nieces laugh by doing funny and stupid things
3. make my nieces happy by giving (aka - making) them anything they want
4. let my nieces get away with hell when they come to visit me
5. spoil them rotten :)

did I get all the main points in??

so, just waiting on some snow coming now.....

(and xmas cards :)
email me - shall give you my add.... and I promise to send one in return, as long as you are not from a church..

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