Saturday, 10 May 2014

..not a creature was stirring, not even a, er tank...

usually I prefer to paint during the day with the natural light,
but being a night owl, I don't usually turn in until after 4ish, and I can just as easily be found daubing the canvas in the wee hours

this tank isn't making too much noise

even though it is travelling at speed in this painting (yeah, really - got lil bits of dirt being flung up in front of the tracks...)
it's nearly finished
sometimes it's best not to 'overpaint' a painting

recognize it? 
it's an M1 Abrams MBT, the Australian Army's main battle tank
so LOVE my military hardware big time!! love love love!!

surrounded by a litter of leverets....

uh-oh! they're all awake! that tank's not so quiet after all then

these pics are all aceo size - 2.5 x 3.5 inches
sorta tiny eh?
cute 'n' tiny

talkin' 'bout cute 'n' tiny - here's some REAL cute 'n' tiny -

totally adorable eh?

my dreams of Wesley are still continuing :)
I have his photo next to me and he looks 'so real' every time I look at him
I can smell him, and feel his fur, he looks ready to hop out and into my lap *sigh*

the hares I am painting are coming along their own pace - as my paintings do

this one has dark rich brown lowlights now, and detail on the ears
- not ready to hop off the page yet

no fur in yet, nor whiskers
I'm still getting the 'feel' of the hare

watercolour dictates it's pace to me
not the other way around

anyway - leverets of another type have been born and have now left the nest

I made these 6 little chaps as a donation for Nowzad Dogs - the charity that helps stray dogs and the soldiers who adopt them, 

and I support them with every sale of a Drive Safe baby Army Hare

and this half a dozen will raise £90 for them
nice eh?

if you are a serving soldier in the coalition forces (British / America / Australian..) with a set of old cams and would love a free hare, plus 2 free hares going straight to Nowzad for fundraising then get in touch with me - my contact details are on that link above
(for EVERY set of Army cams sent to me I make 3 free hares as a thank you - 1 for the soldier and 2 for Nowzad - this is my way of showing my appreciation)

which one will look great in your wheels?

these wee hares are expert back seat drivers, and so willing to adorn your rear-view mirror

each hare is an original, and perfectly 'imperfect'

these ones are made from German Flecktarn cams and it was rather tough to turn out, so I made the ears 'open'
and why not? they look pretty neat I reckon

and like all those stray dogs in Afghanistan, and the soldiers on deployment there, they all have their 'scars' 
~ whether visible or not ~

so if you want to give one of these 6 hares a home, then just get in touch with Nowzad
£15 each and all money goes to the dogs....

....doggies like Anjali and her new litter 

she was rescued by German soldiers, 
so it's pretty good that I've got those hares made in flecktarn 

isn't she such a beautiful lady! soft and gentle and loving, and look at those tiny little puppies
omg! so adorable!

here's a close up of those imperfect ears

blue-eyed beauty...

purdy lil hare...

and one with fully sewn ears but still a bit tatty and with some fawn coloured bits like Anjali
always good to be so individual eh?

because nothing is perfect in this world 

anyway  *yaaaaaawwnn*

times' gettin' on


someone is out for the count already!

and if the fur-ball at the front is not careful he will be tumbling out of bed and straight into the foody bowl :)

(I reckon he might be dreaming of rabbits eh?)

so here's a little something relaxing 
to listen to
with your bedtime cup of tea

50s pretty cool 
likin' him lots..
I reckon he'd love one of my little hares in his hot wheels

....anyway it's nearly 4am and time to stop stirring


  1. Amazing! I love video - cuties )

    1. thank you Sveta - they are indeed adorable :)


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