Friday, 23 May 2014

the tortoise and the hare ~winning~ nothing else matters

the other week I was a little bit tired when I did my benches
felt as slow as a tortoise, as I slowly, but surely, pushed the bar up

normally I do a comfortable 3 sets of 4/5 reps on 60kg now. I've built up to that and I usually get 3 clean reps and a couple extra with my spotter.
It's always good to have someone strong to spot me
to wheek the bar up when I am struggling...

here I am struggling....

had one of my fav Metallica songs on - 'nothing else matters'
you can just hear it in background above my panting

did some declines next
I now do 3 sets of 8 reps on 60kg easily, then about 3 sets of 4 reps on 70kg, with at least 2/3 reps clean per set

...slow and steady wins the race....

eh, but that day I was only on about 85% strength, so em, I tried my best

...better late than never....

and since I was not up to par, my spotter had his work cut out for him that day!
- so here's the bar being wheeked up....
(always good to get some negative reps in, dontcha know how beneficial they are? :  )

and then 24hrs later I was surrounded by heavy metal of another kind....

I flew across the North Sea to Norway, to bask in the Scandinavian sun and have a wee break from all the Scottish rain

aah, I'm only joking! it's been pretty good in Scotland so far with some nice sunny days
but it was good to be in Stavanger again! catching up with family

and because you can't take the metal out of this girl -
I spent 6 days hard training in 'bears' gym - THE best hardcore gym for serious training in Stavanger! - Bjorns gym!

and best of all - they had Metallica playing! 
omg!! omg!!! how happy was I?!!

many thanks to Lloyd for being totally awesome : ) and Benjamin too!

let's have some more Nothing Else Matters eh?

was nice to be back in Norway
went for a wee run around in my brother's rr

love driving the range rover! so much fun! like a tank and it can go as fast as a hare!

talking about fast - there are alot of Trans Ams in Norway. My fav car ever! They have a few ta clubs over there
and I was so hoping to see one, or two, or three - I'd seen one the week before in Scotland on the coast road to North Berwick - ha ha, that was SO exciting!!!
but the only old car I saw was a Ford Mustang

Bears gym was 2.5km away, so I ran there and back every day
was nice, ran by a wee lake, Mostvatnet, was chased by hungry mallards with tiny babies and hungry swans, then up and down a couple hills, past lots of beautiful and elegant Norwegian homes, across some busy roads, up 4 sets of steep steps, then finally made it to the gym in one piece
(*yes, I did get lost on my first day, yes I did run an extra 1km trying to find my way there and home again...)

~ never ran in those purdy shoeses though, they are my stepping out heels
as in stepping outside anywhere
love them so much! 

then on the first day I got back from the gym I was so exhausted after my *extra excursion that I flopped like a tired hare on the long summer grasses of my sister-in-laws beautiful flower-filled meadow-like garden
amongst the dandelions and wishes and.....
and dozed in the evening sun

~it was blissful~

normally the grass and dandelions are kept in trim by the tiny furry lawnmower

little Tomas - my Norwegian heart! eating his heart out

but a few days before I was to fly over, he decided to fly to heaven

and so not all the dandelions were kept in trim
and some had turned to wishes

I was so looking forward to seeing Tomas again. 
We got on so well together. 
I bribed him, er, I fed him nice things and he let me pat him : ) 
I loved stroking his fur, feeling his tiny heart beating thru his warm skin, looking into his soft black eyes, listening to his rustlings late at night
I had made him a little heart shaped fleece blanket the year before and often sent him edible presents, and on my birthday this year my brother took him out of his inside home (sometimes it is referred to as a cage by others, but not by me), and Tomas sat on the dining table eating tasty treats when he skyped me happy birthday and my nieces were dancing gangnam style in the background (yeah, they had a birthday party for me on skype :/

and whenever I see dandelions, and wishes, I think of my little prince Tomas

and whenever I see things fast

taking things slow

I remember to enjoy the moment ~nothing else matters~

spotted these fast things being slow in a gallery window 

feety grooming is a time consuming and pernickity process

and attention to detail is what matters

they are on my wish list now
well, one is anyway

made by Kjersti Olsen and sold here Galleri Amare 

and then as I was walking up the street, smiling away to myself, after looking at those hares I happened to glance to my left, in between two large buildings, and saying hello from a far wall were a couple of bigger hares !!!

ha ha ha!
that made me smile big time!
I've seen some interesting art on buildings before, but I reckon these rabbits take the cake 
sooty and sweep?

it's good to see fun and beautiful art
nice to appreciate it

even better to enjoy a cup of tea and some cake, or biscuits, as one does the appreciating

whether of a tiny sculpture, 
building graffiti,
or even on oneself.....

yeah, yeah, what can I say?
7 going on 17

isn't she beautiful

my youngest niece
who demanded that I apply some make-up to her, since I am an artist

and now I am a professional make-up artist to small humans under 10 (yup, her 2 wee pals wanted made-up too) and she is now a professional model for all things Ness and tigers

my watercolour hare is now nearly finished

only got the whiskers to go on

was nice to paint him

he's a young buck

and he's waiting for the sun to come out, after getting a wee bit wet in the morning rain

painting takes it's own time

no matter how fast you want to go, 
time dictates the pace
and me n watercolours - it's slow and steady

was nice being in Norway
totally loved bears gym! totally loved all the metal big time, never seen so many eleiko plates in my life! *sigh* and a full set of eleiko dumbbells *sigh* and 4 racks!! *sigh* 
yup, was good

and loved seeing my precious nieces and beautiful sister-in-law
and soaking up the Norwegian sun - got a little bit of a tan infact

winning ? 

losing ?

slow ?

fast ?

as long as you are enjoying yourself, then in my book you are winning and ~ nothing else matters


  1. He!!! impressive bench press....

  2. Annette I came over to say Hi and a million thanks again for the beautiful hare painting. I feel so blessed to have an "Annette Tait Original" hanging in my new family home (well technically at the moment it's perching on a shelf waiting for me to find the perfect place to hang it!). no rush...

    But now I want one of those hare sculptures as well! So glad you had a lovely time in Norway. xxx

    1. aaw Lisa, you are so welcome :) was an honour to paint it for you xxx <3

  3. You are amazing being able to lift those weights.
    Oh my gosh what a wonderful adventure (except for the loss of the fuzzy one! Tears!)
    Your youngest niece is darling. Being an auntie is the greatest.
    Love those hare sculptures and as always, love your hares and your art. So gifted you are my friend. Hugs!

    1. aaaw thank you Shell :) totally love you and your amazing creativity too xxx


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