Friday, 2 May 2014

yeah! still dreamin' of small white rabbits....

nearly every night I've had dreams of Wesley


just now I'm painting a watercolour hare portrait

so I did a few sketches first, to get in the flow

as usual, I did them over an old sketch, on one of my pads that I'd drawn an M1 Abrams MBT a couple years ago (the Australian Army's main battle tank)

- hares and tanks - why not? 

I've been thinking about my little heart nearly every day
amongst the stars :)

and remembering all the furry little beasties I've loved
- Wes was the only white rabbit I've ever had
and every time I see a wee furry white thing - I get a small pang as I think of my heart

this song kinda sums it up 
(so loving my DMX at the moment)

and I so love Mr Uber-Cool Steven Seagal
how could any lady not love someone as ultra cool as that dude? 
he literally oozes sex appeal, and it's not as if he's a hot super model or anything like that
he just has 'it'  - the X factor! in bucket loads! did I say BUCKET LOADS!?

that nonchalance, 
that 'I don't need to prove myself to no-one'
that 'yeah, I am a rebel but I'm really a good boy - just watch me'

was a good movie too, Exit Wounds, and DMX is cool too, ultra cool...

anyway, back to things less explosive than Mr Seagal

here's some old sketches of two Abrams
I was painting in the 'speed'

not all my paintings get finished
most get binned

but that tank up there amongst the hares will be getting finished I reckon

so, small white rabbits ....

this is a rough on my sketch pad and this one won't be getting painted in, 
this hare will always be white
I reckon it's a female - there is a softness about her

I'm painting up another hare like this one (that I made into postcards)

I've actually got two of them on the go!
I don't really do anything by half (but you knew that already didn't you?)

this one

and this one

will see how they turn out

....fur being added daily

meanwhile, I'll be turning in soon, it's just on 3am

and I have small white rabbits to dream of



  1. Loving your new watercolors. So beautiful. I think dreaming of little white rabbits is extra magical.

    1. aaaw thank you Shell :) and I do wake up with a smile every day


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