Saturday, 16 August 2008

350 Contest - Vote for Me!

I have entered my recycled postcard into the website's 350 Creativity Contest.

This contest is to make people more aware of, and hopefully take positive action towards reducing the amounts of CO2 from a current 380 ppm (parts per million) in the atmosphere to below 350. It was at 280ppm for a long long time and then last century it began to rise.

My entry is of a horse grazing on blades of grass and is titled 'Every Blade of Grass Matters' and reads:

In the bigger picture things are getting worse - in the smaller picture every blade of grass matters - motto - every single being must take responsibility and initiate change. Reduce the ppm to 350 and less!

Vote Here - please choose my entry and hopefully vote for me!

To read more about the impact of CO2 and it's devestating effects on the panet please visit the 350 website here

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  1. I went over and voted for you--it's a great piece and a great idea.

    Thanks for offering such detailed ideas for the bookmarks--I appreciate it tremendously--and the idea of having the story on the back is a good one too--again, thanks!


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