Thursday, 21 August 2008

New Art-Accessory Arabella Rabbit bags

I have made some new bags and shall be posting them in my shop over the new few days.
The first to go on is this delightful 'Applique Instructions' bag. Why not use every bit of material in an applique sheet? I bought this superb sheet of North American wild animals from a lady on etsy and I shall be making up some art-accessory bags with wonderful animals on them!
The only thing is - I am so attatched to every bag that I make that it is hard to put them up for sale, but I am motivated by the fact that I donate 10% from the sale of every bag towards a very deserving animal rescue or charity.

The rescue benefitting from this bag is Bobtails Rescue in Surrey, UK
The do great work with the lucky rabbits and guinea pigs who make it there. Everyone of their special little charges goes to a forever home.

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